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The spring semester is filled with many special occasions where you might find yourself needing a new dress. However, you find that dress you bought last fall has suddenly lost its appeal and you are desperately seeking a new glamorous look for your formal. Or perhaps it has dawned on you that graduation is a little over a month a way and you haven’t even started looking for a dress. Oh, and one more thing, it’s the end of the semester and that means you are coming to the end of your bank account. You want that beautiful dress, but $150 is just a little (A LOT) out of your budget.  Rent the Runway is here to save the day.


Rent the Runway is a site that allows you to rent designer, high fashion, out-of-your-budget dresses, for affordable prices. Here’s how it works:

1. Find it: Search through their extensive collection of designer dresses. Filter down your search by price, size, color, event style, and length to find the perfect dress for you.

2. Book it: Once you have found the perfect dress, book it for either a 4-day or 8-day period. The site also offers accessories such as jewelry and even Spanx!

3. Wear it: Your order should arrive by 8pm on your delivery date and from then on you are set for whatever event you are attending! They send you two different sizes just in case you are unsure how the dress may fit!

4. Return it: Finally, after you dazzle everyone with your amazing dress, you return your items in a pre-paid envelope, which is provided for you. They take care of the cleaning, and all they ask is that you upload a picture of you wearing the dress with a review!

*This is my favorite part of the site. When I find a dress I like, I scroll through the reviews and look for girls with my body type to see how it fits on them! Sometimes it’s hard to tell how a dress online will fit you in real life (thanks to the unrealistic expectations from the models) so this is such a great way to see real girls modeling these wonderful dresses!

In four easy steps you can become the belle of the ball! There are some amazing dresses for under $50, and it will be totally worth it when someone says to you “Oh my gosh! I love your dress! Where’d you get that!?”


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