Recap of "Losing a Best Friend."

On Feb. 17, 2020, Ethan and Grayson Dolan released their documentary, “Losing a Best Friend,” which details their current emotional state after losing their beloved father just a year before. Alongside their hour and a half long documentary, the brothers shared that they had founded a new charity, Love From Sean. Their organization is devoted to creating a smoother transition for those who struggle with cancer and providing support for their loving families.

The Dolan Twins, loved by their fans for their positivity and boisterous energy, were first recognized from their early work on Vine. They have since moved on to YouTube. Recently, they have transitioned from humorous skits to more thoughtful and impactful topics.

In Oct. of 2019, the brothers shared with their audience that they wanted to take a break from consistently posting YouTube videos, as they had been cranking out content for the past five years.

“Losing a Best Friend” showcases rare vulnerability to the typically high-spirited twins. The concept of grief was difficult for them both to accept, as they both shared their hardships when it came to dealing with negative emotions. Sean Dolan, a well-respected principal in New Jersey, never allowed his disease to take the smile off of his face. The boys shared how his constant strength in difficult situations made it difficult for them to share their true feelings about his passing, believing that it would be a disservice to their father.

During their therapy session, the first one held since their father’s death, Ethan shared that he had lost all of his interest in many things that he previously used to enjoy. He also had not previously understood the concept of panic attacks until he started suffering from them. Both brothers shared that it was difficult for them to feel their own emotions since they had felt numb for so long.

Throughout the film, the Dolans held interviews with people who were positively impacted by their father. Old childhood friends, grandparents, coworkers and fraternity brothers regaled the twins with tales of how their father constantly brought happiness into their lives. Their last interview was held with their mother, who opened up about her life with the man that she adored. By learning about their father, the twins allowed themselves to properly grieve.

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The beginning of the film showed close-up shots of Ethan Dolan shaving off the majority of his hair in solidarity with his father, who lost his hair throughout the process of chemotherapy. Throughout this emotional process, viewers are able to glimpse never-before-seen images and home videos of Sean Dolan and his family. At the end of the film, Grayson enters the room and shaves off the remainder of Ethan’s hair for him. Once Ethan’s head is fully shaved, the two end up crying in each other’s arms.

Throughout this process, Ethan and Grayson Dolan gained greater clarity into the life of their father, which helped them to process their grief in a healthier manner.

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