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Whether you like him or not, Harry Styles has taken over the music scene. His self-named debut album Harry Styles raised the standards for any future discography, especially for newly solo artists. His second album Fine Line maintained his brand while furthering his exposure and fan base through a variety of musical styles demonstrated throughout the album. His third and most current album, Harry’s House created even more colloquy especially surrounding the accompanying Love on Tour extension. Being a dedicated Harry Styles fan myself, I have developed enough expertise to confidently express how each song from his latest album resonates with my life.

“Little Freak”

I don’t know where to begin in expressing my adoration for this song. Harry Styles is known for gatekeeping the true meaning behind his songs—as he should—but “Little Freak” isn’t hard to comprehend. Having to let go of someone you truly care about, both romantically and platonically, detours your life. The chorus of this song delineates my most recent romantic situation a little too perfectly. After listening to this song, my healing journey truly began. Even though I let go of someone for my well-being, I cannot stop myself from thinking “what if?” I believe that “Little Freak” is for those of us who love endlessly and deeply.

“Love of my life”

Although the name of this song suggests the same level of relatability as the previous one, this is where the beauty of interpretation comes in. Personally, this song discloses my evolving self-love journey. I can confidently say I am not the person I was years ago, but I can admit that it is for the better. Self-growth is not the first thing that I thought of when listening to this song, but when the chorus goes, “It’s not what I wanted, to leave you behind,” I see it as me accepting change. Whether it is new friends, a new look, a new attitude, or even a new hobby, I needed to change to grow; but that does not mean I do not appreciate the person I used to be.


The way that this song describes my life deals with moving around as a child and feeling lost. I have lived in three countries now, and each time I move I lose friends and must adjust to an entirely new culture. Not to mention, 15+ years of living away from my extended family and feeling estranged from my culture. “Matilda” makes me feel safe enough to comprehend and accept the feeling of being absent and nostalgic. It is necessary to dissect our feelings, and this song is my foundation for that process.


My relation to “As It Was” is aligned with that of “Matilda.” The connotation of this song is essentially self-explanatory: some things are not the same as they once were. Even though it does not affect me as deeply as “Matilda” does, this song furthers my emotional healing process by convincing me it is acceptable to want to forget about the past. Certain things do not need to be brought up to move on.


You guessed it; I am talking about healing. In conjunction with “Little Freak”, this song makes me think about my latest romance and how I need to properly process my emotions to fully move on. “You got a new life, Am I bothering you? Do you want to talk?” Ouch. Those lyrics hit a little too close to home. Witnessing someone you loved live a different and new life without you in it not only hurts, but it is also confusing. Going back and forth between wanting to reach out but also giving them space seems like a never-ending loop.

“music for a sushi restaurant” and “LATE NIGHT TALKING”

As you can probably tell by now, Harry Styles released this album at a very emotional time in my life, therefore, the more upbeat songs do not portray a specific part of my life. I consider these songs part of my getting ready and driving playlists. Even though I did not come up with a deep analysis of these songs, I am very intrigued to figure out if I ever will.


I am on board for a song about hating the concept of boyfriends. Don’t mistake my words though, I am rooting for love, however, as a single and romantically challenged person, this song is genius. Communication is a pivotal part of any relationship. Expressing your feelings and intentions can be an overwhelming and intimidating process, but it is probably one of the most foundational concepts of a relationship. Successful communication leads to a healthy relationship and this song highlights how (most) men tend to go towards the easier route of suppressing their feelings.


This song evokes the most careless and liberating feeling in the world. My appreciation for this song is based on a feeling of extreme happiness. “Should we just keep driving?” is the simplest line of the song, yet it pushes me to live in the moment and enjoy my life for what it currently is and not dwell on what could be.


“Cinema” and “Grapejuice,” just like “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” and “Late Night Talking” go hand in hand for me. They exude a more sensual and lustful feeling. I always appreciate a song about desire, which is why I will never stop listening to these two.


The best way I can describe the relatability of these songs to my life is a craving for an escape from reality. From the lyrics to the music itself, these two songs force me to escape my current emotions and for the duration of them simply sit back, scream the words, and enjoy the moment.

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