The Pros and Cons of Being an Only Child

People often think being an only child is the best thing in the world, I know I do. However, being an only child is not always fun, it has its ups and downs.  It mostly depends on how your parents raised you. I know my parents raised me to be a strong, independent woman who works to get what she wants. Of course, there is always the stereotypical thought of being spoiled by your parents, since everything is given to you and not shared by other siblings.  But being an only child is not always sunshine and butterflies.

There are some disadvantages that come with being an only child. For instance, sometimes I feel lonely since I have no siblings that to keep myself busy with, while most of my friends have siblings that they can hang regularly and have a conversation with and share their thoughts and feelings with each other. I sometimes get bored. Another downside is that your parents are always on top of you and keeping a close eye on you. They are always hovering around you whenever you try to make plans with your friends and ask you questions, such as “At what time are you coming home?”, “Don’t stay out late!” and, “Your father has to work tomorrow so please don’t keep me waiting.” You are watched 24/7 and sometimes it is stressful because you want space from them. This sometimes happens to me. I understand that I am their only child but I am not dumb and know how to protect and take care of myself.  I rarely make bad decisions but my parents never seem to understand. Lastly, another detriment is that sometimes one can get caught up in getting everything and they become spoiled. I personally do not feel like I am a spoiled child but I can admit that I get almost everything that I want, which makes it harder to disprove the stereotypical ‘brat’ that is associated with people labeled as spoiled.

Since I already spilled all the bad stuff that came from being an only child, now let’s go into the good stuff. Some advantages of being an only child are that you get all the attention from your parents or anyone in your family. Your parents will buy you all the toys you want, the clothes you need and all the food you can eat. I honestly love this because I don’t have to share anything with anyone because it’s just me. Another pro is that you tend to be more autonomous and independent because you don’t have another sibling helping you out or giving you advice on what you should or should not do, it’s all on you and you learn from experience which is a good thing. You are able to fend for yourself and be able to live an independent way of lifestyle before all your friends who have brothers or sisters. Another strength is that you have more friends. Since you do not have any siblings to share thoughts or feelings with, you have to turn to your friends to share your interests with. I have so many friends that are like my sisters and thank goodness for that because I’m barely bored since I’m always busy with them going shopping, dining with them and going out. 

After all, no matter how you live your life, being an only child can be good and bad depending on the way you were raised and the people you surround yourself with.

*All photos are courtesy of Kimberly Wong.