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The Pros and Cons to 6 Great Places to Study for Finals


As the school year comes to a close, students find themselves anxious, restless and fearing the unknown. This feeling is especially real for those who are graduating this spring and fear the life of adulthood before them. But before they get to all of that, everyone has to take their finals!


Final exam week can add unnecessary stress to students right before packing up for summer vacation. With 35,000 students trying to study at the same time, I have compiled a list of traditional and unconventional spots for studying. By weighing each location’s pros and cons, you could find the perfect study spot for you.


1.      Club Stroz


–          Surrounded by thousands of resource as well as other students                                     

–          Personnel available to help answer your questions and provide information

–          Starbucks is ready for you whenever you need it


–     Many distractions

–          Starbucks line is way too long

–          Not enough parking or space available

2.      Landis Green


–          More than enough space to do your work

–          Enjoying the warm weather

–          Serene atmosphere without too much noise


–          Might deal with sulky weather

–          Might get the distract by the students and their pets

–          Could accidentally sit in dog feces

3.      Atomic Coffee


–          Nice and relaxing environment

–          Coffee, food and Pastries at your disposal

–          Not as crowded as Strozier, but not completely vacated


–          During breakfast, lunch and evenings, it tends to get crowded

–          Noise levels can peak which may disturb you in your studies

–          May not have as much room to spread your books and papers out

4.      Dorm/Apartment


–          Solitude to study

–          Little to no distractions

–          Ample room to lay out all your books and papers


–          Might have loud roommates that have never studied in their lives

–          The comfort of your room keeps lulling you to sleep

–          Lack of studying fuel (caffeine, sugar) lying around the house

5.      Lake Ella


–          Perfect serene environment for studying

–          Can take a whole bench for yourself and your books

–          Ice cream parlor near by for your study break


–          Too much traffic noise

–          Those pesky ducks could start getting on your nerves

–          The children and pets could become distracting

6.      Starbucks on Tennessee


–          Already familiar with space and food

–          Quiet atmosphere

–          Room to spread items around


–          Too commercial, everyone will be there

–          The traffic in the lot alone is too much

–          May find the many customers distracting


If any of the locations provided fit to your standards, please feel free to study you’re butt off. If you have other suggestions of great locations not provided above that you would like to share with other HerCampus FSU readers or FSU attendees, you can reach me at lja10@my.fsu.edu. Until next time, good luck with the studies. GO NOLES!

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