Proof That We Are Living Through the Tallahassee Apocalypse

It seems like just yesterday that Hurricane Hermine barreled through the panhandle and left the area without power and internet for days. With face-eating frat boys, a Category 1 hurricane, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease spreading around campus, and now the #Brangelina split, the fall semester has been off to a very rough start. OH-- and how could we forget that shameful loss last Saturday against Louisville?! Florida State just can’t catch a break, as another wave of power outages swept the area.

Photo Courtesy of: Giphy

Starting around 8 p.m. last night, buildings across campus lost power as well as other areas of Tallahassee. Power outages spread from campus to areas between Midtown and FAMU affecting over 6,000 people. After hours running of on generators, elevators in several buildings stopped working and some students reportedly got stuck. The cause of the power outage is still unclear, but the City of Tallahassee posted on their official twitter that a transformer was out of commission temporarily and they were sending utility workers out to resolve the issue. 

The students of Florida State and residents of Tallahassee, however, are no strangers to going without power. It was three weeks ago on September 1st that Hurricane Hermine made landfall and nearly destroyed Tallahassee power lines. The storm took power from around 100,000 residents and while outages lasted only days in some areas, it took over a week for power to be completely restored to the entire area. Utility crews from Tallahassee and surrounding cities worked 16 hour days to fix downed power lines and restore power.

Thanks to many calls home and Google searches, the Noles that stayed in the area during the storm learned how to survive without electricity. Wifi, hot water, and air conditioning seem like basic needs to most students but during both power outages they became luxuries. As we recover from the grueling four hours without power, we can cross our fingers that we won’t have to suffer another speedbump in this mess of a semester. The struggle is real but we will survive! 

Update: Power has been restored as of one o'clock last night. City of Tallahassee posted these two tweets on their account. #Bless.

Courtesy: City of Tallahasse