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The Popular New Girl on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

She has only been at Florida State University (FSU) for a few weeks, but she’s already making a name for herself. She can often be seen out and about, making friends wherever she goes, and her Instagram has picked up over 600 followers almost overnight. She’s smart, beautiful, outgoing and she’s the self-proclaimed Queen of Magnolia. She also just happens to be a dog. 

Nora is a four-year-old Australian Shepherd that happens to be an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). She lives in Magnolia Hall with her owner and best friend, Riley “Trey” Davis. This duo enjoys exploring campus and meeting new friends along the way. They often host meetups and have mini photoshoots for Nora’s Instagram. Her online success couldn’t go unnoticed, so I decided to ask Riley “Trey” a few questions to learn more about the queen herself.

Her Campus (HC): What made you decide to make an Instagram for Nora?

Riley “Trey” Davis (RD): I decided to make Nora an Instagram because she was already becoming popular by word of mouth. Then, someone mentioned making an Instagram and I ran with it!

HC: Did you think she’d gain as much popularity as she has?

RD: I was hoping she’d gain this much popularity, but I wasn’t sure at first that it would work out.

HC: How does having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) impact your life here at FSU?

RD: Having an ESA makes my life at FSU much better, and it is such a stress reliever. Also, having an ESA curves feelings of loneliness.

HC: What’s the most memorable thing someone has said to you about Nora or her Instagram?

RD: The most memorable thing that someone has said about Nora on her Instagram is “So presh.”

HC: Are there any cons to having an ESA in a dorm or in general?

RD: There are no cons that I have with Nora, but I can see where others who have ESAs may have cons if the animal is not well trained or sheds excessively.

HC: Do you hope to see her popularity grow? What do you think that popularity could achieve?

RD: I absolutely hope to see Nora’s popularity grow. I’m hoping that her popularity will enable her to become an “unofficial mascot” where she can attend games and events for FSU. I also would love to get her picture taken with Chief Osceola and Renegade one day.

HC: Has Nora had any struggles with moving to FSU? Was her transition smooth?

RD: Nora was a little uneasy the first few days, but she adjusted extraordinarily quickly and seems very at home. She’s very attached to me, so as long as I’m with her, she’s content.

HC: Is there anything else you want Noles to know about Nora?

RD: Make sure to follow Nora on Instagram, @thefsudog, and look out for when she’s out for meets.

Clearly, Nora is going places. She’s always well dressed and rooting for FSU in her game-day attire. She is incredibly friendly and loves to meet new people. Her warm personality spreads comfort and happiness to all she encounters. You might even consider her an emotional support animal for everyone she meets. Would you want to see her be our unofficial mascot? If you want to meet her, follow her Instagram to find out where she’ll be on campus, I’m sure she’ll be super excited to call you, her friend.

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New Her Campus member at FSU! Excited to write with intent :)