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Spanish Web, girl hanging by foot on a rope
Spanish Web, girl hanging by foot on a rope
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Lexy Glor and Florida State’s Flying High Circus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

In the last week, I have gotten the absolute pleasure to get to know Lexy Glor, one of Florida State’s very own Flying High circus performers. The circus here at FSU is very well known across the entire country. It’s an extra-curricular event here with only two requirements—be a registered degree-seeking student and pass the rigorous audition process. Lexy has spent the past two years learning the ropes and perfecting her craft. 

Her Campus (HC): Tell me about yourself! 

Lexy Glor (LG): I am a double major in criminology and psychology, with a minor in Spanish. The dream is to eventually work for the FBI as a behavioral analyst. I am not currently involved with as much as I’d like to be, so that is a goal of mine for the rest of this semester and into the next. 

HC: How and when did you start at the FSU Circus? What made you want to do so?

LG: I wanted to come to FSU, specifically for their criminology program, but the circus also had a lot to do with it. When I was younger, I remember an old co-worker of my mom’s telling me about her college experience at FSU and how she loved seeing the circus. I’ve also been a gymnast most of my life, so the FSU Circus just felt like the perfect fit.

After getting into FSU, I joined the circus interest group which mostly just meant I got to condition and stretch with them on zoom due to COVID. I eventually made it on the executive team of the Circus Club. In the summer, I auditioned and got accepted. I spent the following summer practicing and learning at a very fast pace so that we were all ready to perform the following fall [2021]. Come the fall, we all had to reaudition, and this is when I got cast for the flying trapeze.

HC: What is your favorite, most rewarding part of it all? Do you have a least favorite or challenging part?

LG: I love all of my acts; I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I do flying trapeze, quartet and double trapeze, and over the summer I did Spanish web quartet and double trapeze. I think one of the most rewarding parts has been watching myself grow strength-wise and just continuing to be able to do more each day. On the flip side, it’s very challenging when I can’t seem to do things the way they should be done, but I have amazing coaches who help me figure out great ways to minimize this from happening.

HC: How has participating in the circus affected your time management? What other skills have you built in your time there?

LG: I am trying to be better with time management every day because having to juggle a ton of circus practices every week, double majoring and having a minor is a lot. I also have a dog with me here at college and that is a lot sometimes. 

I have learned a lot from the circus. It has taught me to be proud of who I am, to work hard for what I want, to set goals and to always be open to change. Performing is such an amazing thing; it is way different than anything I’ve ever participated in before and I love it. I truly feel at home at the circus and under the big top.

HC: Are you looking to seek a professional circus career? What does your ideal future look like?

LG: I’m not quite sure what my ideal future looks like but I hope circus will always be a part of it! It would be great if I could somehow keep doing it into my later adult years, even if it’s just getting involved with volunteering. Regardless, I plan to be in the circus as long as I can. 

The circus has given me amazing friends and I am truly so thankful to be a part of it; it is something so beautiful, and I am so proud of myself for working hard to get into it!

HC: Best of luck in your future endeavors, Lexy!

The Florida State Flying High Circus is home to some of the most talented performers in the country. Spring shows begin in April, and I encourage you to check out Lexy and the rest of the crew! Click here for more information.

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