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An Inside Look Into ForwardFSU With Maggie Gahan

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Maggie Gahan, chair of ForwardFSU, one of the main parties of FSU student government. In this interview, I was privileged to hear all about the goals of Forward as well as an insight into her job as chair and how she got to where she is now.

Her Campus (HC): What is your role in Forward?

Maggie Gahan (MG): I currently serve as the Chair of ForwardFSU! I essentially oversee all elements of the slating, campaign, election, implementation process, our actively growing team and the executive board.

HC: What are some of the main policies of Forward?

MG: Throughout the past year and a half, Forward has been a presence on campus. We have made it our mission to uphold three vital pillars: tradition, intentionality and advancement, and much of our policy aligns with these goals. These include policies such as the GPA Calculator recently instituted by this year’s executive branch to advocating for the institution of a ‘Womxn’s Only’ hour in Campus Recreation facilities via our newly inaugurated Campus Recreation Board. I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about the actions we take to ensure that students (and their tuition money!) are best represented to head to our website for more details on the three semesterly platforms currently released.

HC: What is your favorite part about being in student government?

MG: My favorite part about being in student government is, without any hesitation, the community I have found. It is a unique facet of inspiration I find from being surrounded by the most selfless and intentional leaders I know who are taking time out of their busy schedules to dedicate themselves to improving the lives of their peers. Looking back at my past few years at Florida State, I truly cannot say I would be the person I am without the authenticity and accountability of the people that have surrounded me in the Student Government Association (SGA). I truly am forever indebted to these people and could not encourage anyone trying to find their ‘place’ at FSU to pursue involvement with the association more.

HC: How did you start in student government?

MG: I first started my career in Student Government via a public relations position on the executive board of ForwardFSU when it was first founded. Through this experience, I grew in my understanding of constituent needs and in my relationship with the individuals my work was looking to get elected, ultimately driving me to apply for a position in this year’s executive branch as Executive Advisor following the election of the Gabadage-Adams-Louis Administration. Running their campaign further enforced for me the light and drive I saw in these leaders and encouraged me to be a part of bringing the platform to life. Positions are always opening on the ‘Get Involved’ tab of the SGA website, as well as via the parties on campus. There is a wealth of opportunities for anyone looking to get their start.

HC: Do you want to continue into politics after college? If so, how do you believe student government will have helped you succeed?

MG: As a political science major, my track to politics only feels natural, compounded by the passion I have grown in via my involvement with Student Government. I am looking to pursue a career in human trafficking policy via political communications and have found that many of the tangible skills I have learned throughout my SGA involvement directly translate to the ones that my internship and future employers have been seeking.

Maggie is the embodiment of everything that student government and Forward are on the FSU campus, and I am so honored to have been able to talk to her all about her experiences and why she is so passionate about her work. After talking to her, I definitely plan on voting in the next elections and getting involved with the student government any way I can, and I hope you do too!

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My name is Morgan Chapman and I am a second year political science and criminology major hoping to attend law school. I have always had a huge passion for writing and journalism and I cannot wait to pursue that passion within Her Campus!