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In this article, we dive into Father Koi’s life. She is a new musical artist on the rise in Pop music. She is quickly being placed on playlists and has already started performing at multiple venues. We had the pleasure of getting to actually interview Father Koi on her experiences as an up-and-comer in the music industry.

Her Campus (HC): What is your background in music? When did you realize this is something you want to do?

Father Koi (FK): I started playing the piano at age six and continued as I grew up. I did a lot of classical stuff. I went to Mannes Prep, similar to a Saturday school, in the city on weekends and took lessons continuously up until my sophomore year of college. I think college was the turning point where I realized I was in the right field, but not the best subsection for me. That subsection I was seeking out was songwriting and performing. I always knew I couldn’t be a concert pianist because I wanted to create something that was my own. I started to write music on the side when I was 16 and released my first single on Spotify, “Halloween Dancer,” when I was 19. Seeing my name on a steaming service and having that platform to showcase my work was really, really cool and it inspired me to keep making more music.

HC: Can you describe the process you go through when you create music, from the first note you hear to it being published on Spotify?

FK: A lot of my music starts from my notes app, actually. The app has grown to be kind of a joke for singer-songwriters at this point, haha. I’ll come up with a few lines I like and jot them down. Unless I have a melody in my head, I’ll keep the phrases lying around until I think of a chord progression. Depending on my mood, this could take a few hours or a few weeks. Then, I start to match them. Lately, I’ve been working with several producers who have helped me shape my ideas into life. I’ve got an album coming out this summer and those producers have helped me a lot, but I’m also trying to learn production myself. “Promise Ring” was almost fully produced by me, with a few final touches from a friend, and I’m really proud of that.

HC: Tell me about your current genre and any others you may have explored.

FK: Haha, I almost feel like I’ll get laughed at because I don’t know anything about what kind of music I make! Electropop? Somewhat Hyperpop? It’s also not Indie because I haven’t made an Indie track in a long time. What even is “Promise Ring”? If my audience has an answer, I welcome it. I’d say Pop as an overarching genre at the moment. I’m exploring a lot of new sounds now and it’s very exciting, so my sound will probably evolve as a whole.

HC: What track of yours do you enjoy the most? Which track are you most proud of?

FK: I enjoy “Dreamgirl” the most because it came from a conglomerate of words on my notes app peak pandemic and really captured that point in my life. “Dreamgirl” was co-produced with Sev Archer, this person I found on TikTok. I searched up “#100gecsproduction” and there he was. He took my base track and completely transformed it. My enjoyment of this track is equally split between my lyrics and his production.

I’ve mentioned this before, but “Promise Ring” is my pride and joy as of right now because I produced it. I worked on that song so hard because Sofia, my collab partner, and I wanted it out Oct. 29, which meant we had less than a month to complete it. I was really really pushing the production process and myself to make it the best it could be. I think it turned out well and with a genre that is hard to define. I’d definitely want to make more stuff like that.

HC: Describe some key pivotal events that have led you up to where you are now.

FK: I would definitely say going to college. When I was in high school, I always wanted to start a band but none of my friends wanted to do anything like that. I felt stuck because no one in my family did production or anything like this at all. I’d see kids doing music and wanted to join but didn’t know how. When I got to college, I found other musicians who just wanted to have a good time. I started out playing bass in a band with kids I met from my music theory class. Another pivotal moment was when I met Sev online. That opened a whole world to collaboration. I was always “let me do it myself,” but sharing ideas really gives you that extra creativity and community. I love it. Now I just like talking to people about what kind of music they make and just hanging out with other musicians.

HC: What do you want to say to those thinking about doing music or just starting out?

FK: Get to it, by whatever means. How will you ever know if you don’t try? If you have a guitar lying around or a piano, try a few chords out or start small by learning a song you like. And community is something I’ve found that I’ve truly come to love. If you find someone else who loves music, there’s an automatic bond and both of you will grow from sharing music. Above all, do what you love because life is short and you never know unless you try.

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I am Cuban American. Miami is where I call home. Currently, I am studying at the Florida State University. I am a double major in Media Communications and Studio Art. I am part of a Latinx sorority called Kappa Delta Chi. My music duo consists of me and Dillon D'Andrea. We call ourselves "Dormiglioni". I enjoy creating content and inspiring others through my art, whether it be physical art, digital art, or music. My goal in life is to show the world that you can change it through your imagination. I have a very dedicated and driven work ethic. In my down time, I love to spend quality time with my family and friends. Nothing makes me happier than experiencing new things and using those memories to fuel my creativity.