Preview Of Florida State’s Silent Disco

Worried about easing back into work mode after spring break? Don’t worry, because Florida State has you covered. Come partake in a Silent Disco party Wednesday, March 27th on Landis Green! Headphones will be provided, and the event will take place starting at 6:00pm and end at 11:00pm. This event is free for all, and you must be 18 or older to participate. Club Down Under is working hard to create a space where students can enjoy various genres of music such as disco, rock, pop and anything else you feel like jamming out to. Your only task, wearing the provided headphones and dancing like no one’s watching. Only you will be able to hear your music; no sound will be played out loud, hence the name Silent Disco. It can look a little awkward on the outside, sure, but you don’t have to shout at anyone over loud music, can control your own volume, and sport some really cool looking headphones! Listening to your favorite tunes and having your own personal dance party will be a great way to slowly settle yourself back into study mode while still having fun after some well needed time off.

Courtesy: the Atlantic

Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcasted via a radio transmitter with a signal being picked up by the wireless headphones worn by participants. This adds a unique element to dance parties and makes it all the more fun to join in on. The concept was originated in the early ‘90s by eco-activists that sought to limit noise pollution, and it became more popular and well known in 2005 after being introduced at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Today, we see how this has been adapted to many mainstream music festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Governors Ball. All of these festivals designate certain stages for Silent Disco, and many companies are starting to produce the same experience for mainstream audiences. In the earlier days of silent discos, there would only be one channel available to listen to music through. Over time as technology developed, more channels were created, thus giving room for different DJs to broadcast over simultaneously. And because you can’t hear anything without the headphones, this means you can dance the night away without the worry of noise complaints! It’s a win for everyone.

Florida State students are fortunate enough to belong to a school that thrives off of cultivating community and creating a playful space for us to destress and celebrate with one another. Half of the fun of the entire experience is periodically removing your headphones to people-watch. All of these people in their own world singing and dancing is a heartwarming sight. Everyone may look a little ridiculous, but that’s what makes it great. There are even moments where you see someone listening to the same song as you, and it’s an instant icebreaker. There is a sense of bonding that is created through these interactions, which is what makes this event so much fun. Overall, Florida State’s Silent Disco will be a lively and entertaining night filled with music, dancing and fun with friends!