Post Malone Finally Has a Release Date for His New Album

He’s back. Our long-awaited suffering is over, and Post Malone has finally released an album date. It was early February when it was first rumored that Post Malone would release his new album. Last week, according to Complex Magazine, Post finally announced a date at a performance at the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour stop in Nashville. This announcement was accompanied by Facebook and Twitter posts that simply state, “My new album will come out April 27.”

We’re still upset that Post left us out of the loop for so long but cannot wait for this album to be played day and night this summer. The new album is called Beerbongs and Bentley. Post keeps it light with a comical title while also sticking to his roots with the beer theme. I mean, come on, we all know that he has a fridge at home that is always stocked with his beloved Bud Light beer.  

 Courtesy: Facebook

We have seen Post rise in Hollywood and we can all agree that it’s been great to watch. He started off as a runaway who decided to leave his hometown after a gamer friend also decided to leave and so they moved to LA. Post packed up his bags and hopped on the road to success. According to Complex Magazine, “In 2017, Post Malone garnered a quintuple-platinum hit with the 21 Savage assisted track “Rockstar.” The track stayed at No. 1 for eight consecutive weeks and garnered millions of streams. Post's song “Congratulations,” went seven times platinum.” Post has had numerous hits and we are waiting for more.

Post Malone’s rap caviar is unique and shifts from true grit rap to soft slow ballads like, “I Fall Apart.” We hope to see a continuation of this variety in Beerbongs and Bentley.

Post’s newest single, “Psycho,” is the first glimpse into the new album. “Psycho” definitely shows that Post is back and ready to bring his unique beats with him. This hit single features Ty Dolla Sign and is the first feature we are seeing on this album. The song lists haven’t been released yet but we can only hope for a star-studded feature list; yes, we’re looking at you Future.

Post did give more of a glimpse of what we can expect on the album, exclusively performing a ballad at the Bud Light Drive Bar. According to Billboard, it is a soft acoustic “Beatlesque” song that is much different from “Psycho” and “Rockstar.” We are glad to welcome Post Malone back into the music world after a year of being one of America’s favorite memes (the toast Malone and coast Malone, pictures) and we expect great things out of a man who stands for fun, beer, and beerbongs.

You can capture an exclusive preview of the song here. If you’re looking for more Malone you can watch the complete Bud Light Dive Bar performance here.