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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As an avid reader, I pride myself on having great taste in books. I love picking up a new read and enjoying a riveting plot, intriguing characters, and a crazy plot twist I never saw coming! I can say without a doubt that one of the most fun parts about starting a new novel is falling head over heels in love with a new book boyfriend. Someone tall, dark, and handsome with a mysterious past and a heart of gold? I eat it up every single time. With so many fictional men to choose from, there’s a book boyfriend for everyone and every major! Here is your fictional boyfriend based on your academic major (and maybe a book recommendation if you haven’t read about him yet)!

Biology: Adam Carlson, The Love Hypothesis

As a scientist himself, Adam Carlson is a perfect boyfriend for someone researching biological science! He’s smart, supportive, and someone you can have intellectual conversations with without worrying about a scientific language barrier. 

Criminology: Harry Potter, Harry Potter

Inquisitive? Check. Adventurous? Check. Are you willing to break some rules to discover the truth? Double check. Harry Potter would definitely hit it off with you!

Education: Alex Nilsen, People We Meet on Vacation

Alex Nilsen is the perfect boyfriend for anybody wanting to live the teacher lifestyle. He’s quiet, quirky, and a nerd with a huge heart. He would make any education major swoon!

Sports Management: Garret Graham, The Deal

A hockey star meeting a sports management major sounds like a romcom just waiting to happen! Garret Graham is the perfect boyfriend for you.

English: Gus Everett, Beach Read

Smart. Well-read. Perfect. He is everything. Need I say more? 

Political Science: Maxon Schreave, The Selection

Besides being a prince, Maxon is one of the most chivalrous and kind fictional men to exist in literature. There isn’t anybody better suited for a political science major!

Marketing: Aaron Blackford, The Spanish Love Deception

A tall, handsome, corporate boyfriend who will do anything to protect you? Aaron Blackford is perfect for any marketing major looking to make life at the office a little bit more interesting! 

Classics: Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Not only will he protect you, but he’ll teach you everything you didn’t already know about Greek mythology. And he’ll look good while doing it. 

Health Science: Conrad Fisher, The Summer I Turned Pretty

Conrad Fisher is smart, funny, and always goes out of his way to help the people he loves. He is the perfect boyfriend for anyone wanting to make a difference in this world with medicine!

Hospitality: Peeta Melark, The Hunger Games

Peeta Melark is gentle, charming, and cares for everyone around him. A hospitality major would perfectly balance out his energy!

Business: Joshua Templeman, The Hating Game

Joshua Templeman has an MBA, a great career, and a lot of love to give. If you’re a business-minded person, you two will definitely get along!

Nursing: Leon Twomey, The Flatshare

He’s sweet, charming, and always looking to help the people around him. Besides that, two nurses will make the ultimate power couple!

Music: Billy Dunne, Daisy Jones & The Six

There is no better book boyfriend with a greater musical talent. Imagine the music you could make together!

Communications/Film: Ethan Atkins, How to Fake It in Hollywood

He’s a beautiful, charismatic, and charming movie star. What’s not to love? 

Engineering: River Peña, The Soulmate Equation

It can be hard to find an intelligent, interesting guy who can also talk about his feelings, but he’s got it all!

If you haven’t heard of your love match before, feel free to check out the book they’re featured in. Happy reading!

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Dara Cadzow is a Junior at Florida State University from St. Petersburg, Florida. This is her third semester writing for Her Campus!