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Your Guide To Smelling Good All Fall And Winter Long!

As I sadly kissed the warmth of summer goodbye and reluctantly welcomed in the coolness of fall, my Uggs and pumpkin-flavored everything were not the only things I was anticipating. After less than a year of collecting perfume, I could finally wear my Uggs, drink a pumpkin spice latte and wear my fall/winter perfumes! While all scents can be worn year-round, there are some perfumes that I’ve found perform better during certain seasons. These can include more woody, spicy, creamy, and/or heavy perfumes, instead of the more fruity or floral perfumes that I opted for in the spring and summer. 

Oud Bouquet and Shagaf oud 

Starting off strong, we have Oud Bouquet by Lancome: a divinely complex smokey and woody scent with the perfect balance of sweetness. The notes include oud, praline, vanilla, rose and saffron. Oud in and of itself is an extremely polarizing note, due to its strength. This factor usually makes oud the easiest note to identify in most, if not all oud-containing scents. This is true for Oud Bouquet. While that may sound questionable to those who are either scared of or intrigued by oud, this scent is very beginner friendly in terms of it being a more basic starter oud. Personally, this was the first oud perfume I smelled that didn’t have other notes competing with it and actually had balance in terms of the woodiness/smokiness to the sweetness.

However, for those who cannot afford to spend $209 on this perfume, there is a less expensive dupe: Shagaf Oud by Swiss Arabian. This perfume comes in a lower quality bottle (in my opinion), but it is only $50, is extremely strong and has the same exact notes. Both perfumes are perfect introductions to oud and perfect fall and winter scents! 

Intense Cafe 

On the sweeter side, we have Intense Cafe by Montale: a creamy rose-coffee scent. The notes include vanilla, white musk, amber, rose, coffee and other floral notes. What makes this perfume more suited for the colder seasons is the creaminess of the rose and the warmth that is provided by the coffee. These ingredients unite, making the fragrance cozier. While this isn’t exactly a gourmand, the notes work together to create one of the most deliciously-edible rose scents. 

Angels’ Share 

Inspired by the family business, Killian Hennesy of the Henessy Dynasty created the masterpiece that is Angels’ Share by Killian: a sweet and spicy cinnamon roll doused in brown liquor. The notes include praline, vanilla, sandalwood, cinnamon, tonka bean, oak and cognac. These notes come together for one of the most mouthwateringly drunken experiences your nose will have. Being more of a heavy and spicy scent, wearing Angels’ Share is most advantageous on a cold night where it can warm you up like a stiff drink. 

Khaltat Night 

Keeping the cinnamon DNA of its predecessor, Khaltat Night by Attar Collection is the perfect spicy cherry scent for those who want to continue to wear fruity perfumes into the fall and winter. Its notes include cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli, red apple and white musk. And while this scent is not exactly boozy, the cinnamon is spicy and deep, which pairs amazingly well with the sweet and juicy cherry and red apple notes. 

From woody to creamy scents, your fall fragrance rotation is limitless in what can be included. As a whole, the perfume world has a fragrance for everybody! 

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