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Breakups are the ushering-in of a new beginning for me. At first, I’ll admit it feels like someone took a vacuum to my chest and plunged its contents into corrosive acid, but soon enough, I begin to remind myself that it’s never that serious.  

There’s a saying in college that every student, including myself, has lived by through the brutality known as coursework, which I use synonymously with breakups: “Sometimes you just have to take your ‘L’ and keep it pushing.” In my experience, there’s so much more to the world than having to rely on a partner. Breakups just have this way of spicing up my life in the best way possible. I can’t even be upset when it happens to me. I’m no longer stressing over someone else’s well-being, waiting for a morning text or wondering if they have feelings for me. Suddenly, I’m not draining my battery to charge someone else’s. With my newfound time, I’m prioritizing my happiness and doing things I love. I’m seeing life as a bursting sphere of opportunity that I’m finally excited to conquer, no longer lost in the realm of “I thought you knew you were my girlfriend” and “I can’t do this anymore.” 

There’s something so powerful about the ability to let things go and keep living life. Sure, I gave myself 48 hours to feel the heartbreak at its full intensity, but after that, I knew it was time to wrap it up. My goals are way too big, and my dreams too important to let anyone or anything get in the way of them. I’ve realized that not everyone who comes into my life is meant to stay. Those who left became dodged bullets. I long for something that remains constant.

This may be a hot take, but breakups are my life’s most pivotal moments. I value every one of my breakups because, without them, I wouldn’t have hit the gym as hard as I do now. I would never have realized that the powerful women around me help shape me into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. I would never have stayed out until two in the morning and come back with stories of my best friend in her fairy costume running away from us because she loved us so much.  

Breakups are a moment in my life where I can be selfish and prioritize myself on a level I was never able to when I was in a relationship. I’m able to focus my whole attention on my future, go on that girl’s trip to Miami and be carefree with my friends more. Post-breakups are a time when my life is light. Sleep comes easy at night because I’ve finally realized that breakups might bring me back to the streets, and the streets have never made me cry! I love it here. I love discovering new parts of myself that I never knew I had before and just being purely happy on my own.  

Breakups, as Drake once said, “aren’t the end of the world, just the end of a world,” and there’s just nothing like a good breakup to shake my life up. I never value my happiness more than when I realize how far I’ve come from the girl who went to sleep crying every night. Now, I’m carefree, living my life to the fullest, catching flights, endless girls’ nights, parties and raves, lifting more than my body weight, chasing my dreams, going to Miami for Spring Break 2023 and traveling and loving myself the way no one else ever could. I mean, this is a breakup for the books! Someone remind me to thank that guy one day.  

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