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10 Things to Do for Friendsgiving as a Broke College Kid

Thanksgiving is right around the corner… which means grab your friends and plan the best Friendsgiving ever. I couldn’t just leave you with the Halloween list!

Just like Halloween, I am still a broke college kid trying to attend everything possible for as cheap as possible; so, of course, broke college kid to fellow broke college kid, here are 10 fun things to do for your Friendsgiving that won’t break the bank.


Have everyone put on their comfy outfits and have Friendsgiving outside! Have all your friends bring their favorite dishes and gather at your favorite park to eat. It is a fun way to hang out with your friends while enjoying the outdoors. Make sure to take a jacket just in case it gets chilly!

2. Play a game of flag football

Keeping true to the American tradition, football and Thanksgiving must always go hand in hand. Gathering all your friends to play a friendly game of flag football is a great way to have everyone interact and stay active. Of course, make sure that you play before you eat, you don’t want an accident on the field.


This is a fun cheap activity that will have guests entertained and would make for cute decorations when you’re done. Go to your local gardening store and pick up a few supplies to make a bowling lane in your backyard. You’ll need a couple of barrels of hay to make the lane and some pumpkins to use as bowling balls. Don’t forget to pick up bowling pins while you are out!

4. Have a scavenger hunt

Outside or inside, this is a great way to keep your guests on their toes. The prize is completely up to you guys to decide, although while I’m giving suggestions…dibs on getting food first is always the best option.

5. Throw a potluck

Gather all your leftovers and your friends! Instead of having everyone going out and spending money on groceries, creating dishes from items that are already in your fridge or pantry is the perfect way to go. Each friend can volunteer to bring something which means less prepping time and more time for activities.

6. Pie bar

Although I have never done this personally, I saw this and thought I had to add it. Fall is the perfect time to indulge in some pies, whether it be pumpkin or pecan there is no going wrong. Everyone can bring their favorite pie and lay them out on the table where there they can add toppings such as ice cream.

7. Bake-off

If you are in the mood for some friendly competition, hosting a bake-off is the perfect way to have everyone interact while indulging in delicious treats. Ask all of your friends to bring their best recipes and chef gear so they can go head-to-head in the kitchen.

8. Play board games

If you want a calmer and cleaner suggestion, board games are the way to go. Have all your friends bring their favorite board games, set them out and let the crowd pick. You can play Thanksgiving BINGO or compete again with Thanksgiving trivia. There is no way that anyone will pass it up, everyone loves a good board game!

9. Dirty Turkey

Another one that I had never heard of, but I am sure everyone will like it…I mean, who doesn’t like gifts. Dirty Turkey is the classic twist of White Elephant with the same basic rules. Everyone brings a gift within budget and places it into a pile. From there, people will pick a number to determine the order in which the presents will be picked. Not only will this have guests excited to see what they got, but it is also an easy way to have everyone interact, and who knows, maybe someone will receive a gift that can be used at the party!

10. Movie marathon

When in doubt, marathon it out. Movie marathons are always the way to go. Playing your favorite Thanksgiving movie will all your friends while you sit on the couch in your pajamas is undoubtedly always the best choice. If you don’t like Thanksgiving movies, you can always start getting in the Christmas spirit and start the countdown.

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