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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Undoubtedly, March is the month for luck and new beginnings. The month of March is the home to the start of spring, the luck of the leprechauns and of course, March Madness. However, if the recent upsets in the famous basketball tournament are any indication of how spring is going to be this year, then this might be the season for the underdogs. For the first time in NCAA Tournament history, all first-place teams entering the infamous tournament have been eliminated before the Elite Eight. March Madness is now down to its Final Four Contenders (as of the time this article has been written), two of which are from Florida. FAU (ranked ninth) and the University of Miami (ranked fifth) both have the potential to make it to the NCAA championship game to fight for a chance to win the tournament on Saturday, April 1.

Although they are rivaling schools to FSU, it is hard not to cheer on the teams representing Florida as they fight as the underdogs in both of their Final Four games. This March Madness is showing us that through discipline and determination, we can emerge on top. I am choosing to believe this famous basketball tournament is setting the tone for spring. Knowing that you do not have to be classified as “the best” to be resilient is the energy that we all need to be taking on in 2023. These Florida schools are represented through hard work and the ability to adapt and overcome, even when others might count you out.

This spring will launch the season of luck combined with perseverance and a sprinkle of “madness” to concoct the magic that is in the air. If you find yourself feeling underrated (whether that be through academics, job hunting, relationships or life), channel the energy of this season of the underdogs, show up and prove people wrong. This spring is the time to allow your true abilities to shine through to your greatest potential, regardless of whether or not people believe you are “the best.” As observed through the unfolding of this tournament, it is not always the people ranked at the top that can come through in the end. Instead, it is the people that show up for themselves, their team and the people that are supporting them to justify why they should be there without having to say a word. As the 2023 March Madness basketball tournament comes to a close, remember the spirit of the underdog this spring. This is your time to change the course of your path and excel beyond other people’s limitations on your ability!

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