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The Final Countdown: How I’m Making it Through Senior Year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As a graduating senior this semester, it can be an exciting experience prepping for your last ride at Florida State University as an undergraduate student. From the last football games to nights out in Township, and finally scheduling that grad photoshoot, it can all feel so bittersweet. 

But with so much excitement in the air, there comes a point where you begin to feel overwhelmed with the number of things that need to get done, such as applications, GRE tests to schedule and take and trying to plan out the next steps after college. With so much to do in such little time, here is how I’m making sure that I am making the most of my last semester as an undergrad student, and how it may help you too!

Wake up and plan with a purpose

In previous semesters, I found myself scrambling in order to complete assignments while also making time to unwind and enjoy myself. What has been helping me out lately is planning my day in advance. 

Every morning I wake up with a purpose, meaning I create a list of expectations for myself to complete that day (that are realistic and within reach). The list may include my basic tasks, such as going to class or doing my internship hours, but it may also include a set time for me to go to a club meeting or to meet up for a project, or go grocery shopping. 

Planning my daily routine has aided in me being able to complete important tasks throughout the week. This planning has allowed me to see what I can fit into my day and reorganize my priorities.

Recognize and be grateful
Duomo Italy
Original photo by Madelyn Mairena

Something that may not seem as important when finishing up your college years but is underrated is being grateful. I am recognizing how immensely blessed I am to be able to say that I am graduating from an amazing Florida school, I was able to study abroad in Florence, and I’m grateful for the impactful support system I have. Counting my blessings and expressing my gratitude has made me appreciate my senior year even more because I was able to meditate on all the good. Plus, the more grateful you are for what you have, the easier it becomes to accept life as it comes. 

surround yourself with good company

If there is one thing college taught me (besides avoiding taking 8 a.m. classes), is that the people you surround yourself with make a difference in your life, whether that is positive or negative. Having a strong support system, whether that consists of a strong family unit or an encouraging and fun group of friends, can help make the tough times easier, as well as make the best moments even better. 

Once finding my group in college, I realized how much peace it brings to be around people who genuinely want the best for you and encourage you to be better and do better. 

Although I am only 22 years old and am graduating in May 2023, these past four years have shaken me and built me to be even stronger. But through it all, I’m humbled to have learned these valuable lessons along the way. Go ‘Noles!

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Madelyn Mairena is currently a Senior majoring in Advertising at Florida State University. She has been a writer for Her Campus since her freshman year and has found a passion for getting down to the nitty-gritty details of hot topics, as well as interviewing inspiring leaders and artists. For all business inquiries, please reach out to her at madelynstar11@gmail.com.