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The Best Shoes for Going Out in Tallahassee

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You’re probably good at deciding on which outfit is best for Tallahassee clubs, but the shoes might stump you. You probably want to look nice and be comfortable at the same time, but don’t risk ruining a good pair of shoes to College Town’s nasty floors. Here are the pros and cons of the most common club shoes— from someone who’s picky about her shoes.

Your Shoes Will Get Dirty

The most common types of shoes you’ll see on a night out are likely to fall into one of these categories: a sneaker, some variety of a boot or a heel. Now, keep in mind that no matter the shoe, it is likely to get dirty. The degree of dirtiness depends on your actions and the establishment you go to, but I can guarantee they will get dirty. This being said, any shoe with an open toe will get your feet just as dirty as the close-toed shoe would have been, so I wouldn’t opt for it. Something else to avoid would be materials that absorb mess. Suede is a perfect example of this. Any cloth shoe will likely get stained and horribly wet when attending a club here in Tallahassee.

Don’t Let the Pain Be a Part of Your Night

Another thing to watch out for is wearing a shoe that is painfully uncomfortable. Lots of girls like to pride themselves on being able to wear them through the pain but trust me, it is not worth it. You’ll be spending the whole night thinking about how uncomfortable you are and waiting to leave so you can take them off. That’s no fun. Those heels may be cute, but they aren’t cute enough to ruin your night. Also, be warned, even some shoes that don’t seem uncomfortable may trick you. Boots with a heel are a culprit of this, they seem comfortable but make sure you do a walk test before you trust them in a club setting.

Sneakers Might Not Match

For sneakers it’ll depend on your personal taste, but here are my tips. I recommend not wearing your nicest pair of sneakers, they will get irreversibly dirty (and you’ll definitely crease them). Plus, you’ll notice that no one else is wearing their nicest shoes to the club. If you want to wear sneakers, I recommend having an old pair of beaters that aren’t hideous, but you wouldn’t mind never seeing again. The only problem with this is not all outfits match with sneakers. This is my ultimate struggle: finding versatile shoes that won’t get ruined at the club or ruin my feet.

My Solution

My best advice is to have two club shoe options that either won’t get dirty or you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. For me, this is Doc Martens medium-heeled boots and a beat-up pair of vans. The boots are leather so they can be easily cleaned without damaging the integrity of the shoe, and they match dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts and anything really. The Vans are for when I’m wanting to make my outfit look more casual, or I don’t want the height of the boot. The Vans get disgusting, but because they are strictly for the club, that’s the only time they’re seen.

Ultimately, it comes down to practicality. If you are a girl who loves a good heel, you need to find a staple pair that won’t hinder your dancing or get ruined by filth. If you love sneakers get a pair that can be cleaned, or use an old pair you don’t care for anymore. My recommendation is a good boot because you can wear them outside of the club too! Stay comfortable and clean, you won’t regret it.

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