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The Best Piercing Shops to Visit in Tallahassee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

For many, tattoos and piercings offer an opportunity to become a more authentic and unique individual. Piercings, in particular, are generally more accessible, due to their interchangeable nature and ability to conceal from strict parents. Piercing is an art form and a gateway to different cultures and aesthetics. It takes care and consistency to heal piercings and can take the individual on a journey of self-care. Piercings are, in their essence, a tribute to oneself. From the first sting of the needle to the dull ache that follows, piercings are a testament to an individual’s tenacity. Here are a few places in Tallahassee where you can embark on or continue this journey.

1. Magnolia Company

The Magnolia Company is a locally owned tattoo and piercing shop that opened its doors in the summer of 2020. Located about 10 minutes away from campus, it sits in a small shopping center next to the Winn-Dixie on Magnolia Drive. This tattoo and piercing company houses APP-certified piercer and registered nurse, Zarah Schieve. An upscale piercing shop, Magnolia Company is home to many high-quality jewelry brands such as Anatometal and BVLA. To book an appointment you must first schedule an appointment online and select the type of services you would like. They offer services ranging from traditional ear piercings to naval and nostril, even offering consultations on styling.

2. Studio B

Studio B Tattoos and Piercings is the closest to campus and is arguably the best spot for students. They accept both appointments and walk-ins and offer a variety of services. Similar to Magnolia Company, they provide a wide range of upscale jewelry and also offer ear styling consultations to curate the best possible earring combination for your ear shape. If you bring in your student ID, they offer a $10 discount on any piercing you receive. Featuring a large staff of certified piercers, Studio B is a great option for an upscale piercing on a budget and on a whim.

3. Body Piercing by Bink

Body Piercing by Bink has been a staple in the Tallahassee community since 1994. Created by Bink Williams, Body Piercing by Bink has maintained its status as an elite piercing studio since its origin years ago. Strictly a piercing studio, Bink’s company offers a plethora of piercing types and even more jewelry options to choose from. They are appointment only and serve the community with a staff of highly trained body piercers. Body Piercing by Binx is an APP-accredited institution that speaks to the studio’s safety and health training.

4. Capital City Tattooz

Capital City Tattooz is the oldest tattoo and piercing institution in Tallahassee, as they first opened their doors in 1992. Capital City Tattooz hosts a substantial piercing staff with five certified body piercers on board. This studio operates on both an appointment and walk-in basis. Make sure to check their website for a description of the piercing services they offer and the prices to match!

Piercings, when done correctly at accredited and notable studios, can make for a lasting reminder of an exhilarating experience. Due to the strenuous aftercare required of piercings, it is always best to get new piercings at the first sign of fall. With a lesser likelihood of sweating in the extreme heat of 90-degree weather and the widespread closure of outdoor pools during the colder seasons, fall is the perfect time to add more jewelry to your collection.

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An FSU student from Jacksonville, Florida, studying Psychology with a minor in Criminology.