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‘Tis the season, it’s that time of year again. The infamous “Tally Plague” is back, and it seems like no one is safe. As lecture halls are beginning to fill up with coughs and sneezes, it’s only a matter of time before you get sick, if you’re not already. If you’re new to Tallahassee and unsure what this is, trust me it’s brutal. By following these simple steps, this is how you’ll be able to get through it. 

Step one: stock up on supplies

As more students are getting sick, it becomes harder to find the necessary supplies anywhere. In order to get through this, you’ll need to stock up on Tylenol, Emergen-C, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, herbal tea and lots of soup. As cliché as it sounds, your body is a temple and you have to make sure to take care of it. If you’re already sick, DoorDash will be your best friend. As someone who is just getting over the Tally Plague, the one thing that got me through it was DoorDash. Make sure to stock up now before it’s too late!

Step two: Sickness

If you aren’t already, it’s just a matter of time until you get sick. Although this is the worst stage, it won’t be that long or as bad if you’ve already stocked up on necessary supplies. Besides taking medicine, it’s very important you get lots of rest, drink plenty of water and make sure to eat. One very important thing to also remember is if you go out while you’re sick, it only makes things worse, so try to stay in until you’re back better. Instead of going out during this time, it provides you with more opportunities to rest, catch up with your favorite tv shows and finish up on any homework you have.

If you succumb to the Tally Plague make sure to let your professors know. Staying on top of schoolwork is super important. The last thing you want is to get behind on assignments after going through a rough time with the plague. Most professors understand and, in most cases, professors will have someone write notes from class or work with you to get you caught up.

Step three: stay as healthy as possible

My final tip that will keep the Tally Plague away is crucial. As the season is changing, so is the weather. Not only is it getting colder in Tallahassee, but it’s constantly raining. Make sure to dress appropriately for the temperature, as this can affect your health. Don’t just take vitamins while you’re sick, you should make this a constant habit to maintain the most ideal health. When talking about physical health, often mental health is forgotten. Mental health plays a huge role in physical health. Make sure not to overwork yourself.

By following my three simple steps, you can get through the Tally Plague and keep it away! Make sure to stock up on supplies, take care of yourself while you’re sick and when you’re not. 

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Jenna is a current senior at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. She enjoys expressing herself through her writing, music, and fashion.
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