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Falling leaves and a cool breeze have broken the summer heat. The fall season is here, which means taking out your favorite coat, scarves and pumpkin spice… a lot of pumpkin spice. Some people claim it’s become too basic to wear and embrace, but I say go for it. This is the one time of year pumpkin spice is socially acceptable as an aesthetic, so why not?

Take it from me, the Miami native, putting together a fall outfit can be a little daunting if you’re not used to it, so who better to look to for inspiration than celebrities? From overpriced coats to coffee, here’s the ultimate guide to elevating your “pumpkin spice” outfit.

Go for the standout pieces.

Now I know what you’re thinking, what could possibly make a standout piece a standout piece? Well for one, you could not miss it even if you tried. For me, I personally love picking out pieces that you could not see anywhere else. I enjoy experimenting frequently in terms of my style so I can tend to go for loud pieces with funky colors. This season, the average person will run to their favorite pair of trousers, but try the unusual: the fall skirt. According to Vogue, the fall skirt is the next best item to sport when practically doing anything this fall. Take it from Zendaya, if she wore one to the premiere of her upcoming movie Dune with Timothée Chalamet, it must be true.

Accessories are a sport; break the rules.

Don’t reach out for that wide brim hat every girl wears this fall. Instead, go for the “dad hat.” Now, they come in all shapes and sizes with different colors. I personally love this hat from Nike. But my favorite part of fall accessories is the coat or shacket. A shacket is a shirt-jacket, and it has absolutely taken the world by storm. I found a matching shacket and shorts set from Zara with a plaid pattern and it has become my new favorite piece this season. Instead of doing the classy yet “been there, done that” beige trench coat, find a shacket or colorful coat. This cropped puffer from H&M is a modern take on the classic puffer. My favorite part, however, when picking out a new coat is looking for color. Patchwork has become the new pattern of the year and I’ve grown to love colorful patchwork coats. Picking out something loud and different can elevate your pumpkin spice outfit. Hunter Schafer couldn’t have agreed more on her coffee run.

Additionally, accessories also include shoes. Katie Holmes was seen wearing a basic “pumpkin spice” outfit, but what made her stand out was her skill in accessorizing. She paired a sleek and simple black bag against her otherwise neutral-toned sweater. Her shoes were the showstopper. She sported a pair of Kinetic RNEGD sneakers from Sorel, which are chunky shoes, with her straight-cut blue jeans. I loved the combination of slick and modern with chunky and fun.

Color, color, color!

Take this from me, colors of fall leaves are not the only fall color palette. Every time people dress “pumpkin spice” or fall-like, they choose neutral colors. This fall, celebrities have been changing it up. With the newly circulating Y2K and 1990s trend, color has been everywhere, and I believe that we should embrace it this fall. The queen of breaking outside the boundaries of fashion, Bella Hadid, did just that. I personally love wearing colorful shoes that have a punchy color against a neutral outfit to level it up. Kate Middleton wore, although very fall in terms of colors, a bright red maxi dress with coffee-brown heels to The Forward Trust’s “Taking Action on Addiction” campaign event in London. Playing with colorful accessories, whether in your hair or shoes, is one of the easiest ways to comfortably wear color and upgrade a fall outfit this season.

So, this season, dress to impress. Go outside the basic “pumpkin spice” look.

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