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Saving Money in Style: My Favorite Thrift Stores to Shop at in Tallahassee

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

As summer approaches, many people are scrambling to place their orders from fast-fashion retailers, like Shein, in search of the perfect seasonal wardrobe. However, the environmental impact of these cheap and trendy clothing options is a growing concern. Fortunately, there are more sustainable alternatives to consider, like thrift shopping.  

As someone who has found a love for thrift shopping, I am proud to say that some of my favorite wardrobe pieces have come from thrift stores at a fraction of their original cost. Whenever friends compliment my outfit, I get to share the excitement of telling them that my top was only 50 cents at the thrift store. Not only is thrift shopping budget-friendly, but it is also a more sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe. In this article, I’ll share a few of my favorite spots to thrift in Tallahassee, coming from a seasoned thrift shopper!

the other side vintage

Located in the Railroad Square Art District, The Other Side Vintage is a family-owned store that’s a must-visit for anyone who loves vintage clothing. This store specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind vintage, retro and modern pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. 

One thing to keep in mind is that The Other Side Vintage’s hand-picked pieces do come at a higher price point. However, the quality and uniqueness of the items make them well worth the investment. This is the perfect spot to splurge on a statement piece that you’ll cherish for years to come.

In addition to the amazing fashion finds, The Other Side Vintage also has a great selection of knickknacks. These range from vintage vinyl records and retro cameras to unique home decor and antique furniture. It’s a great spot to find a one-of-a-kind piece to add character to your home. Personally, I love stopping by The Other Side Vintage to browse their “swanky” collection. Even if you’re not in the market for a vintage piece, it is worth visiting just to appreciate their carefully curated selection.


City Walk Urban Mission is a hidden gem located on North Monroe Street. This thrift store is not only a great spot to find affordable clothing but also has an impressive selection of glassware, jewelry, books and furniture. The store’s proceeds go towards funding programs that support the local community and homelessness, making it a great place to shop for a good cause.

On my recent visit to City Walk Urban Mission, I was pleased to find a wide selection of books to choose from. I was able to snag the third book in The Hunger Games series for just 2 dollars. But the store’s offerings don’t stop at literature: their clothing section is also worth checking out. You’ll find everything from vintage tees to trendy pieces from current brands. The store also has a variety of unique glassware, jewelry and furniture items to choose from. 


On the topic of books, the Goodwill Bookstore is a book lover’s paradise. No matter what genre you’re interested in, you’re likely to find something that catches your eye. One of the great things about this thrift store is that they have a large selection of genres to choose from. 

From classic literature and popular fiction to non-fiction and self-help, there is something for every type of reader. The bookstore also has a variety of educational books that are perfect for students or anyone looking to expand their knowledge on a specific topic. In addition to their extensive book selection, the Goodwill Bookstore also has a section for puzzles and games if you are looking to pick up a new and engaging activity!


The Goodwill Outlet, also known as the Goodwill Bins, is a unique and exciting thrift store experience that cannot be missed. While I have tried to gatekeep this treasure for as long as possible, I cannot complete this article without mentioning it.

Located behind the Goodwill on Pensacola Street, the Outlet is where Goodwill sends its unsold items. Shoppers can find everything from clothing to household items, electronics to toys. The best part of the Goodwill Outlet is the pricing. Customers can purchase items by the pound and clothing goes for as low as $1.79 per pound. That means you can fill up your cart with whatever pieces you’re interested in without breaking the bank.

But the Outlet experience isn’t for everyone. It can be overwhelming for some, as shoppers must dig through bins full of random items to find their hidden gems. However, for those who love the thrill of the hunt, the Goodwill Outlet is the ultimate destination. Whether you’re a seasoned thrift shopper or new to the game, the Goodwill Outlet is worth checking out.

In conclusion, Tallahassee offers a diverse range of thrift stores for those who are looking to shop sustainably and save some money. From vintage furniture to books, there’s something for everyone.

While the convenience of online shopping may be tempting, choosing to shop sustainably this summer not only benefits the environment but also supports local businesses and communities. The thrift store experience is an adventure that can lead to unique finds and treasures that you won’t find anywhere else.

I hope that these recommendations have inspired you to grab a friend and explore the thrift stores in Tallahassee. Let’s take a step towards a greener and more conscious future, one thrift store at a time. Happy thrifting!

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Alyssa Bynum is a junior at Florida State University studying Public Relations. Her favorite things include her cat Maple, her espresso machine, and wildly unrealistic romance stories.