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I’ve had an adoration for live music since I was young. Because of this, my top priority within the last decade has been to see as many tours as possible. I’ve had the privilege of attending nine concerts, six being different artists. So, for anyone reading who has yet to see as many artists live and would like to, here are my rankings of all the concerts I’ve attended.

Disclaimer: My opinions are correct.

9. Big Time Rush at Universal Orlando

This concert ranking is more about the context of the situation rather than the experience because I only remember a little. As a child, I was obsessed with the TV show Big Time Rush (Kendall girly for life), and I loved all their songs. One day, while my mom and I bought single-day passes for Universal Studios, the woman giving us tickets mentioned that Big Time Rush (BTR) would be performing there. So, we did what had to be done: we purchased tickets. It was so packed upon arrival that security stopped letting people in, but we found a way in anyway, and saw BTR! I was a pretty happy seven-year-old.

8. Speak Now World Tour: Taylor Swift

The Speak Now World Tour was my first-ever concert! I’m honored to be a Swiftie who had the opportunity to witness Taylor Swift in this era. However, because I was so young, I only remember a few specific performances — trust me, I wish I remembered more. Because of this, I sadly must rank it at number eight on my list. I do remember Taylor performing “You Belong With Me,” “Our Song,” and “Mean” super well, and my younger self was so entranced by her. I look back on this memory fondly.

7. Can’t Get Enough World Tour: Big Time Rush

I got to see BTR again this summer, and they were incredible! They decided to have a reunion tour since they released a new album. It was so exciting to hear throwbacks like “Boyfriend,” “Til I Forget About You,” “City Is Ours,” and “Nothing Even Matters” live! It felt like we went back in time to 2011. Also, the atmosphere was one of my favorites! Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan came down from the stage to greet the fans throughout the stadium. They also invited four audience members to come up on stage during a song, and they all sang it to each person they chose. This was a super fun experience.

6. The Thrill Of It All World Tour: Sam Smith

I attended this concert on an impulse decision. I enjoyed some of Sam Smith’s music that had been popular at the time, including songs from In The Lonely Hour (my favorite) and The Thrill Of It All. When I visited my grandmother one weekend, we decided to attend this concert. She bought the tickets and the show occurred the following day. The one thing I remember most about this experience was Smith’s voice. They have a spectacular voice and they sounded incredible live.

5. Sling North American Tour: Clairo

My best friend introduced me to Clairo back in 2021. I had heard the hit songs “Sofia” from TikTok and “Pretty Girl,” but I had no other knowledge of her music. My senior year of high school was when I first heard songs from the album Sling. We then went to see Clairo at the House of Blues in 2022. This concert was unique because the audience surprised Clairo with a sea of written messages on posters, saying “I love Clairo because…” with added reasons. She was in between songs when she saw her fans do this and was overwhelmed with gratitude to the point of tears. It was very heartwarming.

4. Sweetener World Tour: Ariana Grande

One of my biggest flexes is witnessing this tour. The Sweetener and Thank U, Next albums were peak Ariana music, and I will not be debating! Although it’s number four on the list, it was a mesmerizing concert. One of the night’s most memorable performances was “NASA” because it felt like we were in literal space. Her talented voice and performance in six-inch heels were all too impressive. I’ll recognize that at the time, I was in a phase of listening to her music nonstop. However, this tour was one of the best!

If I’m being real, the top three on this list are all basically tied. They were all my favorite concerts and in my top 20 life memories.

3. Reputation Stadium Tour: Taylor Swift

As the world’s biggest Reputation fan, I must admit that I’m hurting my own feelings by ranking this concert third. Considering that this album and tour was one of the greatest comebacks in music history, following a time when a large celebrity community outcasted Swift, this experience was one of a kind. It was life-altering to hear “Dress” and “New Year’s Day” live, and I’ll never forget her outstanding performances of “Look What You Made Me Do,” “…Ready For It?,” and “Don’t Blame Me” from the floor seat view. I have zero critiques for this concert; you just had to be there.

2. Love On Tour: Harry Styles

Love On Tour holds a special place in my heart. It was initially a celebration of Styles’ second album, Fine Line, but the second half of the tour included sets from his most recent album, Harry’s House. I saw him at the beginning of the tour, which was one of the most remarkable experiences ever. Styles, as well as the audience, radiated so much joy. I’ll never forget his opening performance, “Golden,” and one of the most anticipated songs of the night, “Sign Of The Times.” His whole set blew me away, honestly.

1. The Eras Tour: Taylor Swift

Not only was this tour a celebration of 17 years, 10 albums (13 if you count the re-records), and three genres of music, but it felt like the entire audience was on a journey through time. Hearing nearly all of Swift’s albums strung together in three hours, including her surprise songs “The Great War” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from Tampa Night Two, changed me. I was sure I couldn’t see this tour until the month prior, so attending this concert in April was unreal. I remember the first complete performance of the evening: “Cruel Summer.” I cried instantly. Watching a performer I’ve been a fan of since kindergarten is an indescribable experience.

That’s the list! Do you agree? Think that some of these should be switched? I strived to rank these concerts objectively as humanly possible, but I think my opinions are pretty valid.

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Allysa Laufersky is a Sophomore at Florida State University. She is a Staff Writer at Her Campus FSU, and is currently majoring in Media/Communication Studies, while minoring in English. Loves dancing, "hot girl walks", music, film, anything pop-culture related, TikTok, taking photos, and being in the moment.