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This is the only time I will ever thank Simon Cowell for doing something. If it was not for him putting One Direction together in 2010, my life would have been completely different. One Direction made me into the fangirl I am today, so every other artist I love now needs to personally thank them. Looking back at all these moments makes me want to go back to when my One Direction era first began, I miss it. I am holding on to these memories until the reunion happens. For those who miss these moments just as much as me, let me remind you of some of my favorites.

Video Diaries

This was what set apart One Direction during their X Factor journey because it truly showed their chemistry as a band and friends. These video diaries began multiple inside jokes within the band and the fan base. From Louis admitting he likes girls who eat carrots, so for years fans showed up in carrot costumes to Kevin the pigeon. Any time I watch these back, I get flashbacks to watching these on my iPad when I was 10 years old. They all looked like babies in these videos, and it truly makes me realize the amount of time that has gone by.

“Teenage Dirtbag” Performance With 5SOS


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This performance was life-changing for me in 2013 and continues to be the go-to video I continuously rewatch. I am responsible for all the views on YouTube of any clips of this performance because it was my two worlds colliding in the best way possible. 5SOS opening for One Direction was already groundbreaking enough, but this spontaneous performance they put together broke the fandom. Seeing each of your favorite band members interact was the best part. Seeing Harry and Luke and Liam and Calum being friendly and having fun on stage truly was fulfilling the fantasy for the fandom that both groups were best friends. This performance was an iconic point in time for me that I won’t ever forget.

Any Narry Moment

The amount of Narry compilations I have seen is even embarrassing to admit but I hope there’s someone who is also just as obsessed as me. Watching their documentary press tour interviews are the best form of therapy. They are so funny and have such great energy and banter together. Even on stage during their last tours, they developed a great partnership and fans loved to see them interact. Now when they interact with each other over the media or mention each other during interviews, it hits a different part of my heart I never thought I had. I hope there are more One Direction fans that miss Narry just as much as me.

History Performance on X Factor

This was the last performance One Direction ever did as a band which was monumental because it ended where it all started. During this performance, they played a compilation of old clips and photos that show all the milestones they achieved during that short period of time. When they start playing it, it was so sad because the idea of them no longer being together made it more real. The performance hit almost just as hard as the ending of the music video when they go their separate ways but don’t come back. This was a simple but emotional last performance that I will never forget.

These are just some key moments that live rent-free in my mind. Listening back to One Direction songs and watching old videos makes me feel like a young girl again. There are plenty more nostalgic moments I can think of but these are just some that always come to mind.

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