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As someone who wants to spend their entire adult life enthralled in the fashion world, the Met Gala is not just any other celebrity fashion event. It’s THE celebrity fashion event. If you’re anything like me, all your social media feeds have been drowning in Met Gala content since Monday. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way—I’m obsessed.

As I scrolled through Vogue‘s article containing all 182 Met Gala 2021 looks, I realized ranking all of these insanely high-end designs and looks would be no easy feat. Nonetheless, this was incredibly fun for me, and I’m proud of my final choices. This rank is simply based on my opinion, according to my tastes. Everyone’s views are different, and that’s perfectly okay. I made these choices based on how much I loved the entire look, focusing especially on how on-theme (“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion“) it is.

5. Lorde in Bode 

This is an eco-conscious custom embroidered two-piece made by American designer Emily Bode. This look celebrates the Arts and Crafts movement and features antique embellishments dating back to 1890. It embodies remembrance, preservation, craft and history. I love this look’s color, material and details; she looks so natural and down to earth. This look is Met Gala-worthy without having to be too over the top. The only thing I’d change would be the shoes. My favorite part is the open front. This is 100 percent something I would wear and feel ethereal wearing. 

4. Lil Nas X in Versace 

Not only were his THREE Versace looks mind-blowing, but his performance on the Met stairs was everything. He owned that Met entrance, and his confidence was glowing as bright as his outfits. This is how you make an unforgettable Met Gala debut. His looks shifted from a regal cape to golden armor to the bodysuit of our dreams, all flashing iconic Versace gold. While this look may not be totally on-theme, Lil Nas killed it. He simply looks too unstoppable for criticism.  

3. Imaan Mammam in vintage Atelier Versace 

This starry vintage Versace slip is what Vogue considers the night’s most risqué look. This is a look with high risk and an even higher reward. The Met is a perfect place for this look; no one will question modesty in a dress that looks that amazing. The stars are on theme, and I’m obsessed with the crystal spaghetti straps and the perfectly paired shoes. I entirely agree with the decision not to accessorize with necklaces; the dress shines like its own jewelry. 

2. Nicola Peltz in Valentino 

This was the first Met Gala 2021 look I saw, and it reminded me of why I’m so obsessed with Met fashion. This Valentino Haute Couture is the most gorgeous pink dress I think I’ve ever seen, and it screams classic Barbie in the best way. Nicola is the perfect person for this dress; she carries that iconic Barbie look effortlessly. The subtle sheerness of the dress is my favorite part—the baby pink princess-like gloves and dramatic eyeliner complete the look.  

1. Timothée Chalamet in Haider Ackermann, Rick Owens, and Converse 

I’m not going to lie. Timothée will always be number one in my mind and heart, no matter what he wears. There was never another contender for this top spot. His look’s mix of casual and fancy styles, along with its contrast between white, off-white and the black accent, works when most people think it wouldn’t. I know the Converse are controversial, but I’m here for it; they’re super American. As I said, he can pull anything off while still being the hottest, coolest celebrity there. Timmy always wins. He is always out there taking fashion risks as one of few celebrity men who are not afraid to explore fashion. He is the reason why my standards are too high. I could simply stare at him for hours.  

Here’s my ranking as a fashion lover, and hopefully, one day, fashion insider. There are so many other looks from this iconic Monday that I absolutely love. Don’t even get me started on the after-party looks! I simply can’t get enough of this, and I’m dreading the day my social media feed isn’t riddled with hot pink haute couture, sexy vintage Versace, and Timothée Chalamet’s Converse. So BRB, I’m going to manifest my inevitable future invitation to the Met.

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