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It’s Time to Re-sign! Rating FSU Apartment Complexes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Whether you’re a freshman looking to escape the dorms or an upperclassman in search of a new home, the task of apartment hunting can be a daunting one. Not to mention, the time to decide is around the corner as most places start to fill up a year in advance. With so many things to consider, finding the right apartment for your specific needs can be a challenge, so below is a list of some of the most popular ones from each side of campus and what perks they offer.


As one of the newer additions, they have both a Varsity and Arena location (you have access to both amenities if you sign with one) that are both on the south end of campus off of West Pensacola St. If you’re looking for a place closer to College Town, the stadium, the Leach/athletic facilities, or have classes on the west side of campus, Varsity is the place. If you want somewhere closer to more of Greek life, College Ave., or have classes on the east side of campus, Arena is a better choice. It is also of note that Arena is significantly larger, has an indoor/outdoor gym, rooftop pool and much more parking available. Varsity has a pool, gym, and parking, it’s just smaller/more limited. Regardless, Statehouse comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect in a nice apartment, with balconies in every unit and a private loft option for an extra fee. While on the more expensive side, the location of both branches is hard to beat.

Quantum on West Call

West of campus, this is the place you want to choose if you have classes in the College of Medicine, College of Education, or Psychology Department. It’s near all the athletic facilities and is just a brisk walk from the stadium, but definitely not the right spot for you if you frequent Greek life and insist on walking there. They have generally lower prices than spots right on campus and are conveniently located across from Maple Street Biscuit Company.

The Standard

Right by the Strip, this apartment gets very convenient on Saturday nights. You do have to cross Tennessee St. to get to campus, but if you have classes at the College of Music the walk isn’t too bad. It’s marketed as “luxury living” with nice amenities and a matching price.

Stadium Centre

Located in the heart of college town, this is the place you want to sign if you frequent Township, Recess or Little Masa. While there is walkability to class, it isn’t as close as other complexes. It has all the standard amenities and parking, but is going to be on the higher end of pricing due to its proximity to so many social establishments.

Uclub on Woodward

This complex is a townhome community that sits right at the top of campus just across Tennessee St. It has fitness centers, pools, and proximity to campus, especially if you have classes in the Earth Sciences building, Love building, or Business building. It offers a more private take as each townhome has three floors, the bottom being the living room/kitchen and the top two having two beds/baths each. There is ample parking and seemingly less noise as you’re not sharing walls or hallways with anyone besides your roommates. It is lower in price than the apartments closer to/on campus that are in the thousands, starting at $819 per person. It is also close to the Strip and not too far from the brand-new Student Union.


East of campus, Onyx is right on College Ave. It is a rather large complex close to Pots and all the frat houses. It’s also close to the Civic Center, College of Criminal Justice, and College of Law. It’s in the heart of the party scene so consider your noise tolerance before signing here. If you want to be able to walk downtown, this would be a great place to live. It was built in 2015 and is a bit older than some of the “luxury” apartments Tallahassee is accumulating, but it does come with the standard amenities and even a movie theatre.

Things like what college you’re in or where your usual hang-out spots reside are what truly matters when choosing an apartment complex, not just “how nice” you might hear that it is. While these names are only a few of many, hopefully, it gives a little more perspective on which apartment is right for you. Happy signing!

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