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How My Relationship With My Parents Improved After Moving to College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

The transition from living at home to moving out for college is a huge step in the lives of young adults. As individuals step out of the comfort of their childhood homes and into the unfamiliar territory of dormitories and off-campus apartments, they reach a pivotal moment of independence and self-discovery. While this transition is marked by excitement, anticipation, and newfound freedoms, it can also be a time of stress and adjustment, particularly in the relationships between students and their parents.

The shift to independence can create complexities and challenges that impact the dynamics between college students and their loved ones. Last fall when I started at Florida State University, I feared moving out would have a negative effect on my relationship with my parents, but I was pleasantly surprised when the opposite occurred. Throughout my freshman year, I discovered that distance really made our hearts grow founder and how imperative living on my own has been in shaping me into a young adult.

Growing Up In A Family-Oriented Environment

I come from a family-oriented upbringing with two sisters. We have always been very close-knit and supportive of each other. Family dinners were frequent, and I often spent weekends attending extracurricular events for myself or in support of my sisters. Prior to leaving for college, I spent the majority of my free time driving my sisters around and scheduling my plans around their sporting events so I could be in attendance. After moving out for my freshman year, I found myself with the most spare time I ever remember having. I had downtime after classes where I did not have to carpool and found my weekends free from softball tournaments and golf matches.

Although I dearly missed my dad’s home-cooked meals, I loved getting to eat a leisurely dinner whenever I wanted. No more rushed meals before everyone scatters for their extracurriculars. The freedom to grab a sit-down meal with friends or even stop by one of the restaurants on campus was so refreshing. Although it sounds selfish, I absolutely love getting to completely dictate my schedule while I am at school. Last year was the first time I got to try new things and participate in leisure activities because I was solely attending events for myself. This freedom allowed me to appreciate the moments when I do go back home and get thrown back into the busy family routine.

Communicating is Key

Thanks to modern technology, it was super easy to keep in touch with my parents during my freshman year. We frequently FaceTimed or talked over the phone. They were so excited to come to Tallahassee for Parents Weekend and see all of the places I had been telling them about. My mom especially loved receiving photos of my friends and me having fun. My parents were so content that I was able to navigate my freshman year away from home. Showcasing my ability to make smart decisions and keep up with my coursework created a newfound trust between my parents and me. This ultimately strengthened our relationship and improved my self-confidence in many aspects.

Although moving out is a huge step towards independence, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay close to your family. There is no need to fear that the transition will negatively impact your relationship with your parents. Twenty-first century technology has made it easier than ever to keep up with those you love while you’re away at school.

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I am currently a senior at Florida State University obtaining my undergraduate degree from The College of Communications. I am majoring in Media Communications and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship with an expected graduation date of May 2025.