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Enneagrams but Make It “One Tree Hill”

Right up there with my love for Vampire Diaries is my love for One Tree Hill, hence why I am making a ~highly requested~ sequel to my article “The Vampire Diaries characters as Enneagram types.” Again, like any other personality test, the Enneagram test is a lengthy questionnaire with answers varying from “completely inaccurate” to “completely accurate.” A result is a number between one to nine, each correlating with a very specific set of traits and characteristics that explain why a person is the way they are. Though I am no expert, I think watching the show three times around gives me some sort of credibility.

type one: the reformer

Let’s start with a fan favorite, Keith Scott. If you are a type one, like Keith, you are conscientious and ethical. He is known to seek the good and value integrity in himself and those around him. This one was a bit difficult to pick out, but Keith does have some very one-like moments, so I think overall he is the best fit.

type two: The helper

Once again, type two was the easiest to pick out. Hayley James Scott is undoubtedly the epitome of type two, so if you’re a two, congrats. Her maternal instincts (even before she became an actual mother) make her incredibly selfless and giving. She is compassionate, warm and always willing to help. Though type twos are willing to do just about anything for the people they love, they absolutely do not tolerate being walked all over. Get on Hayley’s bad side and you’re a goner.

type three: the achiever

High school prodigy, NBA star, father and husband Nathan Scott is everyone’s favorite type three. Type threes are known for their drive and tenacity. They have aspirations for a big future and stop at almost nothing to get themselves there. Just like Nathan, threes tend to come off as neurotic and almost douchey, but that’s just their ambition and passion talking.

type four: the individualist

If you are a type four, then you are Peyton Sawyer. “Individualist” pretty much sums it up; the broody, loner type known for being rather sensitive and emotional. Their desire for love and acceptance absolutely consumes them, which we know is true in her constant up and down in just about every relationship throughout the series.

type five: the investigator

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If you are a type five, you are Lucas Scott. This makes plenty of sense simply because of the fact that Lucas loves to write and later pursues a career as an author. Type fives make good writers because of their tendencies to observe and innovate. They are always curious and seeking to understand.

type six: the loyalist

Jake Jagielski is easily a type six. A type six is incredibly trustworthy and responsible. They frequently have walls up and come off as incredibly distant and even absent, but they are very supportive; all they want is to be content with themselves and for the people they love to think the same.

type seven: the enthusiast

Being synonymous with THE Brooke Davis is probably my biggest flex ever (definitely a step up from Elena Gilbert). Type sevens again, while notorious for their emotional side, are also known for being strong and passionate. They crave adventure, fun and happiness, which is all very evident in Brooke throughout each season.

type eight: the challenger

I was hoping to avoid giving Dan Scott any form of the spotlight, but there just is nobody else that fits an eight quite like him. Type eights can come across as intimidating at times; they are dominating, independent and very assertive. Now I wouldn’t say Dan has a “big” heart, but I think it is fair to say that though he shows it in a very strange way when he loves, he loves hard.

type nine: the peacemaker

Mouth McFadden, everyone’s favorite punching bag, is very much a type nine. If you’re a type nine like Mouth, your kind soul is often taken for granted. Type nines seek tranquility and peace in life. They are known for being patient and gentle and often times a great shoulder to cry on.

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