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Celebrities’ Outfits I Am Looking Forward To Seeing During Coachella 2023

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Coachella 2023 has one of my favorite lineups with Bad Bunny, Black Pink and Frank Ocean headlining, so people’s outfits better match this star-studded event. Other than Frank Ocean’s performance, I will be most looking forward to my feed flooding with everyone’s Coachella outfits. There have been years where people went all out with custom costumes, to more bohemian looks to simple jean short outfits. I really have no exact predictions as to how the festival goers will dress this year, but I have a few ideas.

I have a feeling I will be seeing a surplus of cowboy boots, crochet pieces, mesh dresses and pendant cord necklaces. I think this year’s outfits will be simpler, not as over the top as usual, but still very tasteful. There are some celebrities’ outfits I look forward to seeing every year as they are always so well done but in different ways. Even though some people make the debate that Coachella should just be about the music, I think the years and years of extravagant outfits have permanently placed a dress code on the festival. Here are some of my personal favorites and their best festival looks.

Bretman Rock

In my eyes, Bretman Rock has never missed. He did what he needed to do. For a majority of his outfits, he wears a custom pant or skirt set and a cool pair of sunglasses to accessorize. One of his most iconic looks was his Sugar Bear Hair custom matching outfit with Nikita Dragon in 2019. Even though the outfit is not something I would love now, for that point in time, this collaboration and coordinating set was iconic and never forgotten. I think in 2023 his looks will be more simple, but ahead of his time in the fashion world. Either way, he can never do any wrong in my opinion.

Emma Chamberlain

I call Emma Chamberlain will be the best dressed. She is the person I refresh my feed 1000 times for every Coachella weekend, and I am never disappointed. This red look from last year was one of my favorites, I felt it was the perfect mix of simple and fun. The mix of the small fuzzy top with the micro cargo skirt was a timeless combo as that outfit is still a look this year. I claimed she will be best dressed this year, but I feel like she will go extremely casual in a cool girl way. I also predict she and Tucker, also known as Role Model, will have matching or coordinating outfits for at least one of the days. I hope she won’t disappoint, and she never does!

Vanessa Hudgens

The Boho queen, the Coachella queen. Coachella is Vanessa Hudgens’ stomping grounds. When I think of Coachella I think of Vanessa Hudgens and her bohemian outfits starting from 2013 onwards. Hudgens never missed a year and always stuck to her personal boho festival style rather than copying trends. For many years she was everyone’s Coachella vision board, so every year I am curious as to what she will be wearing. This 2022 look of hers was one of my favorites, as the crochet metal chain dresses have been popular for the last few festival seasons. They never get old. Her style and aesthetic are so fitting for this desert festival, which is why she hits the nail on the head every time.

Bretman Rock, Emma Chamberlain and Vanessa Hudgens all bring different styles to the desert but are so amazing in different ways. I will be patiently waiting for the weekends of April 14 and 21 in hopes of my expectations being exceeded this festival season.

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