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Body Image Reminders for When You Feel Self-Conscious

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Struggling with body image is something I think almost everyone can relate to, especially young adults. I have struggled with it for years after recovering from an eating disorder and having to regain weight to start my health journey. It has been a tough climb watching my body change so much, but there are so many important reminders to keep in mind when it comes to body image and all my body does for me. Here are some reminders I tell myself to pull myself out of the body-image rut.

“My body will not always look the same, especially from high school.”

This one is extremely important, which is why I have it first. The media can sometimes push the narrative that your body must be one size, but that will almost never be true. Bodies fluctuate so much, especially coming out of high school. I will never understand or perpetuate the idea of the “freshman 15” because of course my body will change. It is such an important concept I keep in mind because college is such a significant change! I try to embrace the way my body changes with love and understanding, just as I would with someone I love.

“My body does not determine my worth.”

I need to remind myself of this a LOT. I am so much more than my waist size or the way I look. I hope to be kind, loving, and fun rather than focusing on just how I look all the time. I try to remind myself I have so much value inside me and in the things I say that don’t have to do with how I look! I am so worthy of so many good things in life and my body size does not correlate with any of those things.

“I do not always have to be body-positive, strive for body neutrality.”

Sometimes, I’ll get told I should love my body and everything about myself. I love the message, but this isn’t always possible. It isn’t realistic to switch from not loving your body to loving it completely. I think it is so valuable to lean into body neutrality and just recognize I can be at peace with and neutral in my body. You might not love your body 100% of the time, and that is totally okay to come to terms with. I can love my body, but I also will try to strive to just be at peace.

“My body does so much for me! The way it looks is the least important.”

Your body is essential! It keeps you alive and helps you in ways you don’t know. I love that my legs can take me on walks and have me travel to the most beautiful places. I love my arms because of all the people I love that I can hug. I love my hands because of all the dogs and cats I get to pet. There are so many things to love about just the functionality of my body, and I try to remind myself of this when I am feeling self-conscious.

Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself! I look back on times I was struggling so much with body image and wish I could be more present in the moment. It has been a long journey trying to make peace with my body and progress is not always linear! However, I have learned so much about myself and the ways I can be kinder to my body and everything it does for me. I hope you can remind yourself that you are beautiful, and your size will never determine your worth!

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Delaney Reilly is a staff writer at Her Campus FSU, majoring in instrumental music education. Beyond Her Campus, Delaney is a part of multiple organizations in the college of music. She is in the world-renowned marching chiefs, along with the University Philharmonic Orchestra, NAfME, and ASTA. When she isn’t writing or playing her instruments, Delaney is busy watching movies and traveling! https://www.linkedin.com/in/delaney-reilly-64b64817b