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Assigning “Teen Wolf” Characters Taylor Swift Songs and Albums

If you know me, you know that I adore Taylor Swift. I’m always listening to her music, I try to solve the puzzles she posts about her new music and I even plan on throwing a Red-themed party for my 22nd birthday. Something you may not know about me is that I also love poorly made teen TV shows. So, when I was re-watching Teen Wolf with my roommates and joked that Scott would listen to “Breathe” off Fearless after Allison dies, the idea popped in my head: I needed to combine these two loves of mine. And that’s how we ended up here, getting suggestions from friends and spending most of my week arguing with my roommates about what song and album fit who best.

Scott McCall: Debut, “Tim McGraw”

Starting off with the main character himself, we have someone who absolutely peaked in high school. He was the loser of Beacon Hills High until he was given the bite and became a lacrosse star. Scott fell in love with the pretty girl Allison, and they planned on having a beautiful life together, despite her father being a werewolf hunter. His character is bland and basic and everything I think of when I listen to “Tim McGraw.” This album and song just give off good person, but “nothing spicy about you” vibes and that’s exactly how I feel about Scott McCall.

Allison Argent: Reputation, “Bad Blood”

Allison Argent is also a pretty bland character (I promise not all the characters are bland, just these two main ones). The whole star-crossed lovers thing is so overplayed and she just doesn’t have an interesting personality. Until things get wild, and she becomes a werewolf hunter. She enters her Reputation era during this time and becomes the bad b*tch that I’ve always wanted to be. At this point, she is assertive with what she wants and what her beliefs are, something that we never see from her previously. The specific song that represents her, although not off Reputation, is absolutely “Bad Blood.” She went from being the werewolf bestie to hating everything about them and turning on all her friends. Very “now we got bad blood, we used to be mad love” vibes.

Stiles Stilinski: 1989, “Long Story Short”

My favorite character and the sweetest, smartest and cutest character in the entire show. Stiles is one of the few that stays the same person he always was. Stiles is always human (except for that time he was possessed by a fox spirit), always trying to help his friends out and is always the comic relief that the audience so desperately needs. That just screams 1989 vibes: fun, upbeat, life of the party. He is also the kind of person who would drive his Jeep down the highway at 2 A.M. screaming Taylor Swift songs at the top of his lungs and 1989 just seems like the best album to do that to. “Long Story Short” mainly fits into his character with the line “long story short I survived” and that he absolutely did. It was a long, difficult journey for him, but he made it through in the end and became a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent.

Lydia Martin: Folklore

Another one of my favorite characters, Lydia embodies so many songs off Folklore that I couldn’t choose just one. She is a complete try-hard: always wanting to be the popular one who everyone loves and hiding the fact that she is insanely smart because she wants people to think she’s cool. Giving off “Mirrorball” vibes babe, which in turn gives off “This Is Me Trying” vibes. Lydia goes through it in Teen Wolf. She finds out she’s a banshee, loses her best friend Allison and then is forced into a mental hospital against her will for a while. That’s why I also assign “Mad Woman” to her. It only feels right that an absolute queen is given my favorite Taylor Swift album.

Bonus song: “Invisible String” being the song for Stiles and Lydia’s relationship. He was always in love with her, and it took a while for her to realize she was always in love with him, but they were always destined to be together with that invisible string.

Derek Hale: “The Last Great American Dynasty”

Derek Hale is such a diverse, interesting character that it was difficult to choose one album for him. He’s Reputation because he isn’t really a good guy; he’s 1989 because he’s wild and fun; he’s Evermore because his character is always thrown the worst luck and he still keeps going. This song choice was suggested by a friend, and it just makes sense. He is the last of the Hale family (Peter Hale doesn’t exist in my world) and must keep this legacy living on. Although he can make bad decisions, he is still grieving all the loss and disaster that happened in his life and chooses to become a mentor to Scott after Peter Hale bites him. He’s a good dude that just sometimes ruins everything.

This article left my roommates and I frustrated with each other and me wanting to find a way to make assigning Taylor Swift songs to different things a living. However, this is the best way I can get you to check these out. I mean, after reading all this, who doesn’t want to watch Teen Wolf to corroborate?

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