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6 Artists I Have On Repeat During Hispanic Heritage Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Coming from a big Cuban family, I know that music is a huge part of Hispanic culture. I love discovering new voices and genres within the Hispanic community. Here are my absolute favorite Hispanic artists to celebrate with during Hispanic Heritage Month!  


I would be doing everyone a disservice by not putting the “Queen of Tejano Music” at the top of this list. Selena was a Mexican-American singer who revolutionized the Latin pop genre, making her one of the most notable Hispanic singers. Most of Selena’s music is upbeat and has traditional Latin dance music elements, so it’s perfect for your next party! My favorite songs of hers have to be “Como La Flor” and “No Me Queda Mas.” 

The Marías

The Marías are an indie pop band known for their songs in both Spanish and English. The lead singer is María Zardoya, who was born in Puerto Rico. Their songs are catchy and smooth, making them perfect for some background study music! My go-to song off their discography is “Little by Little!”  


Originally from Spain, Rosalía is a pop star who is classically trained in the genre of flamenco. My favorite album of hers is called El Mal Querer; it was a part of her graduate thesis from Catalunya College of Music in Barcelona. The album characterizes her angelic abilities as she describes a relationship that is destined for doom. Right now, my favorite song of Rosalía’s is her newest song, “Tuya!”  

Sophie Castillo

Sophie Castillo is a Colombian and Cuban artist who creates music in the Latin, pop, and indie genres. Her music is mellow and clear, and I often find myself listening to it as I’m doing daily tasks around my house. In her music, Castillo likes to sing about love, self-expression, and spirituality. My favorite songs by her are “When The Sun Goes Down” and “Solo Tú.”  

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American singer-songwriter. She is most known for her hits “Dead to Me” and her feature on “After the Storm” by Tyler the Creator. Uchis is an R&B singer who likes to take inspiration from the early soul and doo-wop genres. She recently released her third album called Red Moon in Venus, and in my opinion, it has no skippable tracks! At the moment, my go-to Kali Uchis songs are “No Eres Tu (Soy Yo)” and “Moonlight.” 

Girl Ultra 

Girl Ultra, also known as Mariana de Miguel, is a Mexican R&B and indie artist. I like to describe her music as upbeat and full of fun percussion lines that complement the vocals. Right now, I am really enjoying listening to their songs “Punk” and “Morena Mía.” If you are interested in checking Girl Ultra out, I highly suggest watching their Tiny Desk Concert from the NPR Music YouTube channel. 

Hispanic Heritage Month is from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, which means there is still plenty of time to curate the perfect playlist to celebrate!

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Ally Albuerne is a Human Development and Family Science major at Florida State University from Sarasota, FL. When she isn't writing, Ally enjoys reading books, watching new movies, crocheting, and getting coffee with friends!