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Five Fashion Traveling Hacks for Your Next Trip

If you are like me, you chronically overpack and account for multiple outfits a day for any trip. If you are also like me, when you arrive at your destination you either hate everything you bought or feel like you have nothing.

As an out-of-state student and someone who has done a good amount of traveling, I have tried a lot of “hacks” to combat my packer's remorse. I am here to tell you the best fashion hacks for your next trip. I present to you my top five hacks!

5. Rolling Your Clothes

Almost everyone has heard of rolling your clothes to fit more in your suitcase. Almost any travel hack video on YouTube recommends rolling clothing. I put this one at No. 5 because in my experience I've only used it as a last resort. Although it accounts for more space, it typically leaves more delicate fabrics with lines and wrinkles. However, the rolling method is great for traveling home, if you no longer care about most of the clothing having wrinkles and need to fit items you bought on vacation this is a great hack!

4. Storing Items in your shoes

This hack is great for shorter trips when you are not bringing a big bag. Shoes tend to take up a lot of space no matter the type of luggage you are using. I recommend storing socks, or even things like sunscreen or shampoo in your shoes. I recommend depending on the item you are storing in the shoe, putting it in a Ziploc bag. This will protect your items and the shoe from potential damage. This is a great hack to save space!

3. Pack Your White/Light Clothing Inside Out

There have been so many times where I packed a light-colored shirt only to find that when I arrived it had a scuff or stain on it. Many times in travel things may leak or debris might be in the suitcase from the last time. To prevent minor stains, it is recommended to pack light-washed clothing inside out. This hack won't prevent stains from big leaks. If you put your toiletries in bags this will prevent big stains. And if your clothes are inside out, you won't suffer from an unwanted mark.

2. Put Dryer Sheets in Your Suitcase

I'm not sure why but after long flights, my clothing usually feels dirty and stale. After trying this hack, my clothes have felt fresher when I arrive. While this hack is highly recommended, I will say make sure you don't put too many dryer sheets. You don’t want your scent to be overpowering. I would say this hack works great when you put one or two dryer sheets, depending on the size of your luggage. If you put too many sheets, this hack turns into a nightmare. It is a lot easier to add fragrance once you arrive than to be stuck with an overpowering scent on your entire wardrobe.

1. Pick three colors

This is my all-time most useful hack! You pick three colors for your wardrobe and run with them. If everything you pack is interchangeable, you can create so many variations of looks. This gives the illusion you have brought a lot more clothing than you had. Additionally, if the weather is not what you expected, you can change the top or bottoms easily without throwing off your outfit planning. If sticking to three colors sounds boring, you can spice up your outfits with accent pieces or statement jewelry. This hack eliminated the packer's remorse I struggled with. Now, if I wake up and am unhappy with the outfit I had chosen, I mix and match with other pieces I brought.

That's all for the hacks! These are just a few of the great hacks I have found to work best for me. The most important thing about traveling and packing is testing out what works for you. So, I hope at least one of these five hacks will become useful to you on your next trip! 

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I'm a sophomore double majoring in Marketing and International Affairs at Florida State University. I love vegan food, traveling, and listening to music!
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