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I guess you could say 2021 is a brand-new year, in which we have new resolutions and dreams. This year, I have decided to focus a little bit extra on myself and my long-term dreams. I am currently a senior graduating this semester, spring 2021. These upcoming months are the ones in which I have to decide what I want to pursue after graduation. People believe that when you get to your senior year of college, you have it all figured out. However, they are wrong. Life is about all the challenges, dreams, goals, mistakes, memories and more you make throughout the years. One day, you may have one dream and the next one, you have another. Graduating during a pandemic has not been easy; nonetheless, I have really dedicated this past year to myself. This may sound selfish, but I am just a human being wanting to figure out what I want to do after graduation.

I saw the past year as an opportunity to figure out who am I as a human being. Though, I cannot deny it was not easy. We were and are in the middle of a pandemic, where the motivation is slightly low and sometimes not much. One way in which I have decided to figure out what dreams I have is by getting a calendar. As simple as that, I write all the things I have to do for tomorrow and complete all the tasks, this being a tiny challenge for myself. Yes, it may sound like something not important but getting your life “in order” is the first step to figuring out how you want to live your life. The calendar brought me the motivation to look forward to tomorrow, but still taking one day at a time.

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Moreover, another way that has helped me throughout this past year is taking an hour of the day and dedicating it to myself. Mostly I work out, read or even cook just to stay calm and keep the fears away. I bet a lot of people have been an emotional wreck this past year; you have felt your emotions go up and down all year long. However, do not let it continue; it is 2021 and this is your year. It is time to focus on your dreams. It is time for you to take the pen, make decisions and follow your dreams. Find ways in which you can discharge all your fears and stress; take that one hour.

This past year has taught us we should not take anything for granted. We shall always keep our loved ones close, but most importantly, ourselves. Take this 2021 as a new opportunity and do not let COVID stop you. As a graduating senior, the only thing I can tell you is that you are not alone, seek help if you need guidance, spend time with the people you cherish but most importantly, do not forget who you are, and always reach for your dreams.

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Basiliki Kosmas is originally from Panama City, Panama. She is double majoring in Finance & Criminology at Florida State University.
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