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Being a graduating senior, I have had plenty of experience when it comes to cramming for finals at early hours in the morning. But as any good college student knows, the key to success is a little website we all hold close to our hearts, Quizlet. That is why in honor of this upcoming Finals Week, I have decided to write a poem honoring Quizlet on behalf of caffeine-driven, sleep-deprived students everywhere.

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Oh Quizlet,

From college to university, from Med to Law School

You have really become a procrastinator’s jewel

To all the unspoken heroes, like Kim567

You’ll never realize

how much you are a gift sent from heaven


To those who take the time

to write out every formula, every word,

You are the website, we have all preferred

Whether or not the definition is right

Because of you, we can sleep at night


Whether you wrote it eight years ago, we don’t care

Studying without you? We wouldn’t even dare

Be it quizzes or finals,

We rely on your guidance

Because of you, our minds have widened


To the countless grades that you have saved

To all the happy students whose days have been made,

From Chemistry to Russian, To Accounting and Mythology,

From Advertising to Lit, to Calculus and Biology,

So many courses, you have taught us well

Even though sometimes I question if you can spell


You belong in every freshmen’s guide to success

You certainly help us in times of distress

A simple way to study,

When on that third shot of espresso

Sleepless nights at libraries and cafes, but I digress so


Your sage words of wisdom,

Fall upon our desperate ears

You have helped us make it these past four years

As we cram for this week’s third exam

We thank you greatly,

Whether you be mister or ma’am

So, we thank you Quizlet,

For all that you’ve done,

I would thank you again, but the exam has begun.

Gaby is an FSU alumna who majored in Creative Writing and minored in Communications and Psychology. She also enjoys iced coffee, rose-scented candles, and short stories.
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