NYFW: Savage X Fenty (Get Ready to Watch the Full Show on Prime Video)

“Oh my god I’m too involved I want a break but I’m a control freak I do everything. I see everything. There’s not one step of the way, there’s not one lace trim, there’s not one bra strap. There is not one bow on a panty that I do not see and approve,” Rihanna stated on Savage X Fenty. 

On Sep. 10, 2019, Savage X Fenty, Rihanna’s luxury lingerie brand, took the stage for New York Fashion Week at the Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Since releasing her brand Rihanna has always said that she wants women that wear her brand of lingerie to "look good and feel good." Her sizes range from 32A to 42H and XS to 3X. She took this statement to the stage and created a show that was not only being called sexy but said to have “changed the fashion show game.”. 

The Savage X Fenty show featured dozens of big-name stars, some being Normani, Kehlani, Cara Delevigne, Big Sean, Migos, Winnie Harlow, Slick Woods, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Halsey and so many more. Not only were these artists simply there to support Rihanna’s brand, but they were also there to perform. 

This is the second Savage X Fenty show that has been in NYFW and the brand held nothing back from trying to make it the most unique and exciting show of the week. The show is said to have featured dancers, multiple performances and celebrated models walking the stage. While we don’t have full-proof evidence of these performances (the event restricted cell phone use), it is easy to see that the brand may have succeeded in their hopes of creating a great show solely based from celebrity tweets. What we do know is that the show was considered “nontraditional” and around 40 minutes long. 

Singer and dancer Normani tweeted out saying, “wow this was legit one of the most memorable nights of my entire existence.” 

Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

Many fans are beginning to say that this Savage X Fenty show is a direct hit against the ever-so-loved Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. While the Victoria’s Secret show is known to have popular artists perform and feature famous models as well, these past two years have been rough for them as people are becoming increasingly more upset that they’re not an inclusive brand. While Victoria’s Secret did just recently hire model Valentina Sampaio, their first transgender model, they have yet to have her walk a runway for the brand. Since Rihanna has taken all of the sexy and fun aspects of the VS show and added the inclusivity to her show, she is gaining a leg up in the lingerie market. 

Knowing that the first year at NYFW Savage X Fenty models featured not only a diverse lineup of models, but two of the models being pregnant women, we can only imagine that they pulled out all they could this year. 

Here’s a look at just a few of the celebrities that made an appearance at the event: 

Models Winnie Harlow and Slick Woods: 

Courtesy: The Daily Mail

Rapper group Migos:

Courtesy: HolyKey1 Entertainment

Singer Kasey Musgraves: 

Courtesy: Newsfeeds Media

Models Cara Delevigne, Joan Smalls, and Gigi Hadid:

Courtesy: InStyle Magazine

Model Ashley Graham: 

Courtesy: GettyImages


Singer Kehlani:

Courtesy: GettyImages

Model Bella Hadid:

Courtesy: GettyImages

With all this talk about how great the show is, when will those who didn’t attend get to view it? Rihanna has officially announced that on Sept. 20 the entire show will be available for streaming in over 200 countries on Prime Video. The line of lingerie is already available for purchase on Amazon Fashion.


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