Not So Scary Movies to Watch This Halloweek

Halloween is here and we’re ready to delve into this spooky week with all our favorite movies! If you’re looking for something to watch that won’t give you the heebie-jeebies, you’re in the right place. For the faint of heart and easily scared like myself, I’ve conjured up a list of not so scary movies for some Halloween fun without having to sleep with the lights on. Grab your pumpkin spice latte and a cozy blanket and let’s get watching!

1. Halloweentown

Courtesy: Disney Channel

Marnie discovers why her mom never let her family celebrate Halloween through her grandmother, Aggie, played by the late Debbie Reynolds. They’re a family of witches and her mother wanted to keep them as human as possible. Watch as the family goes on an adventure to Halloweentown inhabited by monsters, goblins and witches to discover their witchy-ways.

Courtesy: Variety

P.S. There’s more! Watch Halloween II: Kalabar’s Revenge to see the Cromwell family try and fix Halloweentown after the magical realm is put in a “grey spell.” Halloweentown High, the third movie of the saga, Marnie and her non-human friends try to navigate high school, homework and monsters. The final installment, Return to Halloweentown, Marnie goes to college and her powers are put to the test.

2. The Addams Family

Courtesy: BuzzFeed

Follow the Addams family and their creepy, conniving ways. Their wealth brings questionable characters into the mix as someone tries to pose as Gomez’s long lost brother to try and steal their riches. Morticia Addams will have you envious of her mysterious goth look your emo middle school self was never able to pull off. Wednesday Addams will give you all the inspo you need for a last minute costume.

3. Edward Scissorhands

Courtesy: Fanpop

A Frankenstein-like creature was put together and his hands were made of, you guessed it, scissors! His creator died before he could put normal hands on him and Edward lived alone until an Avon sales-lady found him. She brings him home and Edward must try and acclimate to suburbia living while falling for his host’s daughter.

4. The Haunted Mansion

Courtesy: YTS

Jim Evers, played by Eddie Murphy, is a realtor who spends a little too much time at work and not enough at home. To try and make this up to his family, he plans to take them on a vacation to a lake. He gets sidetracked by a business deal and they end up in an old mansion where they get stuck overnight when the lake gets flooded. Some ghost hijinks ensue, but Murphy keeps the mood light enough where you won’t be needing to hide under your covers!

5. Hocus Pocus

Courtesy: Reality TV World

Last, but not least: THE BEST HALLOWEEN MOVIE EVER. A family moves to Salem and the oldest son, Max, has a hard time in the new city. He reluctantly takes his little sister trick-or-treating and he meets a girl at a Halloween party. They decide to go to a haunted cottage where it was rumored that witches had died. The Sanderson sisters, a trio of youth-stealing witches, come back to life on Halloween night after Max lights a candle. The rest of the movie has Max and his crew trying to prevent the witches from staying alive long enough to wreak havoc. Get you and your girl squad some wigs and dresses and step out as the sassy Sanderson sisters on Tuesday!

Happy movie watching!