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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

Fall is finally just around the corner. The mornings are cooler, and there’s even a small breeze here and there. Although it’s still Florida in every other regard, coffee shops have started serving pumpkin spice lattes – and I don’t know about you, but that feels like a good enough reason to say fall is here. From wearing plaid shirts to watching cozy movies, everyone has their bucket list of things to do, but what’s on Tally’s bucket list this year?

Here’s what’s going on:

1. The Creative Arts Festival

When: Oct. 6-9

This fall, a collaboration of Florida State University (FSU) departments is putting on a festival to highlight the creativity and diverse talents of students and faculty on campus. Various events are being held over the course of the weekend that are free for everyone. Whether you’re interested in hearing from a cyborg poet, watching The Flying High Circus and The Marching Chiefs together, or watching Recognized Student Organization’s (RSOs) performances, there’s a little bit of everything. There will be a behind-the-scenes look at FSU’s theater production “Sweet Charity” (which we’ll talk about later), as well as the world’s strongest magnet lab (The Maglab), where students get to explore what an intersection of art and science looks like. For a full list of events and locations, click here.

2. Club Downunder

When: Oct. 10 and Nov. 2

Club Downunder is back in business and home at last, with Oglesby Union having opened this semester. To kick off the start of fall, Lucy Dacus with opener Crooks & Nannies will be performing this October, followed by MICHELLE on the Lavender Tour in November. Shows start at 8 p.m. in the student union and are free for all students.

3. Tallahassee Balloon Festival 2022

When: Oct. 14-16

Head over to the fairgrounds at 8 p.m. for a hot air balloon show featuring lasers, lights and music. Bring your friends and a cozy blanket to relax and watch the fun. This event is free and offers tethered hot air balloon rides for $20 during the day. There will also be food trucks, a variety of retail vendors and different products for sale.

4. FSU Theatre Productions

This fall, there are two theatre productions in the spotlight on campus:

  1. Sweet Charity: Oct. 14-23
    It’s 1960. Charity Valentine is a young woman making her living out of promiscuous bars in NYC, with a string of questionable boyfriends behind her. After being dumped by her most recent rendezvous, Charity decides to turn her life around – but then she meets Oscar, who might just be what she’s been missing.
  1. The Ruby Sunrise: Oct. 28–Nov. 6
    This is the story of Ruby, who’s from a small farm in Indiana, dreaming of inventing the first all-electrical television set. Jumping forward to the 1950s, Ruby’s daughter Lulu, a screenwriter, challenges studio executives on the way Ruby’s story is told to the public.

Grab a coffee and bring some good company to enjoy these stories that FSU students have worked so hard to bring to the Tallahassee community. Student tickets for all shows are $15 and can be bought online here.

5. Flying High Circus – Halloween Show Series

When: Oct. 21-22 and 27-28

It should be no surprise to anyone seeing this on here. Every Halloween, the Flying High Circus puts on a Halloween series that sells out every year.

If seeing zombies and skeletons doing stunts and acrobatic flips sounds vaguely interesting to you (or even if it doesn’t), you should head out to the tent on campus this season. Tickets are free for FSU students and are first come, first serve! Doors open an hour before showtime.

6. North Florida 80th Annual Fair

When: Nov. 3–13

A perk of living in the capital of Florida: we get the North Florida Fair. Tickets for adults are $8, which buys you entrance into the fair. Enjoy carousel rides, games, music, funnel cake and free performances. The fair also hosts The Amazing Anastasini circus, which performs high wire skills and feats of mystique. A variety of competitions and shows take place over the course of each day. Likewise, the barns featured on the fairgrounds year-round will be decorated with themes such as the Creative Arts Building and The Goat Barn. Each entails different activities and events, so there’s something for everyone.

Crisp weather, sweaters, good coffee, friends and a fun event to enjoy together sounds like the beginning of a great fall bucket list. The Tallahassee community is great for the events they host throughout the year, so make sure you add one (or more!) of these things to your calendar.

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Emie is a third year at Florida State majoring in psychology, with a minor and special interest in women's studies. She aims to counsel, speak, and write about mental health associated with body image, disordered eating, self-confidence, sexual health, and exercise. She aspires to later obtain her PhD and work as a professor of psychology or women’s studies. In her spare time, she loves to lift weights, read, and spend time with friends and family.