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Spider Monday: No Way Home Tickets Break the Internet

Weeks before the theatrical release of the newest installment in the Spider-Man trilogy, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures rocked the virtual box office. On Monday, Nov. 29, Spider-Man: No Way Home tickets caused a commotion on both movie theater websites and social media. Minutes after midnight, movie theaters released Spider-Man tickets and struggled to deal with the large volume of fans.

As with any large volume of web traffic, the fans overwhelmed the websites and faced delays when trying to purchase tickets. Due to the film’s popularity, many fans expected to run into difficulty when purchasing tickets. In some cases, fans waited for several hours just to secure tickets for themselves and their families. Websites like AMC Theaters and Fandango crashed amid the uproar.

According to Variety, the new film broke records for advance ticket sales, beating out Black Widow. This will be Marvel and Sony’s latest Spidey-centric film, following the 2019 release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. In the same year, Marvel released the finale to their Infinity Saga film series. Avengers: Endgame is one of their biggest box office success stories. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s box office sales are much different than what audiences saw in 2019. Due to health concerns and the increased availability of movies on streaming services, box office numbers for the past two years have been lower than usual. However, CNBC reports that Spider-Man’s strong ticket sales suggest a “bright future” for movie theaters. For any Marvel movie fans, it seems likely that this film will cause a resurgence in the cinema.

For anyone who is not invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it begs the question, what is all the excitement about? Here is a crash course on what to expect from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Taking place after the second film in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy, Peter Parker finds himself in a world of trouble. Mysterio, the main villain of Spider-Man: Far From Home, revealed Parker’s true identity. Naturally, Peter’s life is completely turned upside down and has left him struggling to grapple with reality. To repair the damage done by his foe, Peter Parker turns to the Sorcerer Supreme, aka Doctor Strange. Peter calls on Doctor Strange to perform a spell that will force the world to forget that Mysterio revealed his true identity. However, in the MCU, nothing can ever be that easy.

The complexity of Doctor Strange’s spell causes a rift in the multiverse and allows multiple villains from different universes to wreak havoc on Peter Parker’s reality. Due to Marvel’s secrecy, fans are left to speculate about other characters that could be in the film. As the latest actor to take up the Spidey mantle, Tom Holland is the star of the film. Yet his predecessors Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are rumored to don the Spidey suit alongside Holland. Despite the actors’ vow of silence, fans still grabbed tickets in hopes of seeing their favorite Spider-Men team up on the big screen. Dive into the multiverse and watch the trailer here.

On Dec. 17, audiences can finally see the conclusion to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy when Spider-Man: No Way Home comes to theaters.

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