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Micro Mini Skirt Fever: Is Miu Miu the Reason?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FSU chapter.

With y2k fashion taking the high fashion world by storm, it’s not a shock that the mini skirt from the 2000s is making a comeback. With Paris Fashion Week ending, it is clear that low-rise miniskirts are becoming a staple for a trendy look. Brands like Off-white and Diesel, to name a few, all featured low-rise mini skirts in their Fall/Winter collections.

However, even before the Fall/Winter collections, a certain miniskirt had captivated the media’s attention. The infamous Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2022 skirt has been featured in numerous magazines and worn by Zendaya, Hunter Shafer, Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber.

To better understand how viral this skirt is, Evening Standard writes, “The skirt has even earned its own Instagram account @miumiuset, dedicated to documenting each of its high profile outings (which by the looks of things, are only set to continue). Global fashion platform Lyst has released data revealing there are 900 searches per day for the Miu Miu skirt.” While the skirt itself is pretty simple, it is the cut and shift in an aesthetic that makes it stand out. The entire collection features raw edges and unfinished fabric. It exudes grunge form the ‘90s to the 2000s fashion. When you pair the grunge aesthetic with a barely-there low-rise skirt, it is a piece that has not been seen on the runway in a while. The simplicity and rawness of the skirt make it the perfect piece for stylists to give their clients a fresh, youthful, punk vibe. It is no secret that the young market of consumers is experimenting with 2000s punk fashion. The revival of the miniskirt by MiuMiu pushed the boundaries for how “mini” a mini skirt can be. This boundary and balance between grunge fashion and closet staples have been pushed even further in the Fall/Winter collections featured in Paris Fashion Week.

So why are Miu Miu micro-mini skirts and y2k fashion coming back? Just like how the fashion during the roaring ‘20s was adventurous and experimental, fashion in the modern 2020s is seemingly following a similar pattern. After the first world war, the roaring ‘20s brought the world flapper fashion, which included sequins and flashy dress, along with modern haircuts on women. With the rise in flashy y2k print style clothing and bold accessories, parallels in trends and history are present. This can be attributed to the pandemic and economic turmoil from the shutdown. Consumers took a break from spending and indulging in fashion and instead invested in loungewear.

But now, with life seemingly returning to normal, people want to have fun with their style. In a New York Times article, Designer Cowan says, “We want to feel hot, even full of ourselves. It’s the kind of energy we need, especially after two years of boredom.” This mentality is exactly the energy that the Miu Miu skirt channels. It is whimsical, camp and seemingly practical all at the same time. The rebellious self-expression that was present in the 2000s era is truly making a comeback. Brands are supporting the movement and are creating fun, exciting and daring pieces for a post-pandemic world.

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