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Bones or No Bones: Life According to Pug TikTok Sensation Noodle

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In the age of crystals, tarot card readings and complicated zodiac birth charts, there’s a new clairvoyant on the scene: TikTok sensation and 13-year-old pug Noodle, who forecasts what type of day you’re likely to have to millions of TikTok users. This dog has not only stolen the hearts of millions and provides daily entertainment; he also validates the decisions of many as to how they should conduct their day.

The idea is simple. Like on Groundhog Day, the 13-year-old pug reports what type of day his nearly three million followers will have. When Noodle plops over after being picked up by his human dad, Jonathan, it is defined as a “no-bones day.” If Noodle stands after being picked up in the morning, it is defined as a “bones day.” A “no-bones day” indicates that rash decisions must not be made, while a “bones day” signals that people must conquer their tasks.

The idea began on the account back in Sep. 2020, but the bone test video began gaining traction in Aug. 2021. Now, the concept has grown so big that there is merchandise for fans of the pug and daily TikToks reaching millions of loyal viewers. The account continues to tack on hundreds of thousands of followers each day, and there are 300 million views under the hashtag #nobones. The popularity of the account even landed Noodle at the Rockefeller Center to make his debut on the Today Show. Noodle performed a live bones or no-bones test and seemingly declared it a bones day due to his excitement for nearby cheese.

Noodle was adopted when he was seven and half years old by his current family. As a senior dog, he will not move if he does not want to. On the Today Show, Noodle’s human dad Johnathan told viewers that “we just learned very quickly that in the mornings, if he is not ready to wake up or go on a walk, he’s going to do what he can to prevent that from happening.”

So, how exactly should you spend a bones or no-bones day?

Essentially, a no-bones day is a day relegated for self-care, while a bones day is meant for productivity and accomplishing tasks. On a no-bones day video, Noodle’s adopter explains, “We reclaim the no bones day as a day for kindness and self-care and just listening to what you need. You know, just wear soft pants today, no hard pants on a no-bones day. Do the sheet mask. Say no to plans.”

When it is a no-bones day, take it easy. Positive ideas for a no-bones day would include taking a long bubble bath, reading a good book, watching your favorite comfort show on Netflix, spending time with your friends, and getting some fresh air.

However, a bones day isn’t necessarily a bad thing. According to Noodle’s human father, a “bones day is a day where you just have to go after your ambition or a task you were putting off.” So, if you happen to wake up and find that it is a bones day, you must get your work day. Some ideas for bones-day tasks might include going to the gym, eating a salad, doing laundry, completing homework, and organizing plans.

As silly as a predicting pug on TikTok may seem, Noodle’s declaration of no-bones days fosters important conversations around self-care versus ambition.

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