The Newest Huda Beauty Palette: The Ins & Outs of Desert Dusk

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching and waiting for the day that Huda Beauty releases more makeup, and that day has finally come. The long-awaited follow-up to Huda Kattan’s first palette, the always sold out Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, is here! The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, which Huda first teased on her Snapchat back in March, just launched and I’m going to take you step-by-step through the whole palette!

Since most of us are still in college, we’ll start with the most important thing: price. Huda’s newest palette will set you back $65 and you can purchase it either online or at your local Sephora. For that price, you get eighteen .85-gram pan size shades that come in four different textures: Pure Glitter, Duo-Chrome Toppers, Pressed Pearl, and Matte. The price per shadow is around $3.61 which is a lot less than your average individual high-end eyeshadow which can run from $12, like Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow singles, to $45, like Victoria Beckham’s eyeshadow singles from Estee Lauder.

Moving on from the gloomiest part of the palette for me, I never have any money aka welcome to the life of a under paid and over worked college student. Just an FYI I haven’t actually bought the palette, please see the above note about me being broke. Given that, all the opinions from here on out are from what I’ve seen on YouTube and social media. Feel free to look up the palette on YouTube and see what your favorite beauty guru has to say about it, mine is NikkieTutorials.

From what I’ve seen there are mixed reviews about the palette, like most beauty products this day. What most people can agree on is that the shadows themselves are a little powdery, the level of powder depends on the guru. Most say there is a little fallout on the face but if you do your eye makeup before your face you can just swipe away the fallout on your face. There also seems to be a little fallout in the pan itself, but nothing like we’ve seen in past palettes *cough cough the ABH Subculture palette*. Most gurus love the color payoff and the bendability of the Matte shadows, saying that they are beautiful to work with and true to the color. However,  some gurus disagree and say that they aren’t satisfied with the new formula for the shades. These gurus complain that the colors aren’t as pigmented and not as easy to blend. Another thing most agree on is that you need to add a base to the Pure Glitter, Duo-Chrome Toppers, and Pressed Pearl shadows. A base is essentially just glitter glue, a setting spray or anything that you normally use to mix with an eyeshadow to put on your eyelid. This will give the shades a better payoff, but if you want a more subtle shimmer, try using the shades without a base!

Overall, it’s your decision whether to get the palette. If you can, head to your local Sephora and see if they have a sample out; you’ll be able to swatch the colors on your skin tone and see if you like the formula of the shadows. My favorite shade is Twilight, a Duo Chrome Topper that that has specs of light blue and purple in it. If you get a chance to check it out, let me know what you think of the palette overall and what your favorite shade is!

All images courtesy of Huda Kattan’s Instagram page and website.