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With every new year, I think it’s very important to start fresh with positive vibes and an optimistic mindset. I see a new year as an annual refresh! One thing that I love to do periodically to maintain this refresh is to rearrange my room. I know, it probably sounds tiring, but once it’s done it makes me feel completely revitalized, optimistic and energized. Whether it’s the small relocation of a dresser or the purchase of new bedroom decorations, I love to get that refreshed feeling. With the new year underway, I wanted to share three of my favorite bedroom decorations I’ve purchased so far.

1. A Mirror

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The other day, I took a trip to Target for some groceries, but I ended up buying a round mirror instead. Target has a way of doing that to us, doesn’t it? But trust me, this mirror fits perfectly on a wall by my bedroom window. Now, whenever I get ready, I can see myself perfectly while also getting an amazing hint of natural lighting. I’m stoked because you can never go wrong with a classy mirror. If you’re looking to spice up your bedroom a bit this year, I highly recommend a mirror, specifically, a round one at that. 

2. Decorative Pillows

Another decoration that I couldn’t go without buying this year was a set of decorative pillows. Trust me; you can never have too many pillows. Not only are decorative pillows cute, but they’re comfy, too! I just keep finding cute ones that match the theme of my bedroom and keep them in a cozy corner where I can study or relax. You can find a variety of pillows at stores like Target or HomeGoods. Plus, if you change the theme or color scheme of your room, just purchase pillow covers at stores like Amazon instead of buying brand-new pillows. Decorative pillows are definitely a must-have for your bedroom.

3. Artificial Plants and Succulents

As one of my most favored decorations of all time, I tell everyone I meet to purchase fake plants for any room in their house. Artificial plants are amazing because one, they’re super chic, and two, you don’t have to take care of them! What’s better than that? Fake plants can also produce an entirely new vibe if you’re looking to spice up your room. Another great factor about these decorations is that they come in a variety of sizes! From small succulents to tiny trees, there’s definitely a fake plant out there for everyone. Check out stores like IKEA or World Market for a wide selection of artificial plants, and definitely try to incorporate one (or five!) into your bedroom this year.

Every year, redecorating and rearranging is something that I love to do, so I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite pieces so far. Whether it’s hoping to feel refreshed or revitalized, or maybe just purchasing new décor to make you happy, try to explore and find decorations you want to spice up your room. As we get further along this new year, be sure to decorate your room or surroundings in a way that makes you comfortable, happy and confident to take on this year’s adventures!

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Shaylee Stout is a junior at Florida State studying psychology and public health. She was born and raised in small-town Port St. John, Florida, on the Space Coast. She loves exploring new places, vibing to music and Chris Pratt.
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