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The New Wave of Temporary Tattoos

If you spent any part of your summer at a music festival or on a tropical island, you may have seen people wearing sparkly body art. Or if you scrolled through Tumblr pages and your friends’ Instagram feeds they may have appeared again. The popularity of these “Flash Tattoos” began in the summer and quickly became a trendy new take on temporary tattoos. Instead of typical hearts and cartoons, these tats are more like jewelry—acting in place of bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. Purchase them online at flashtat.com! Pictured below is how I wear my flash tattoos.

Amanda is a Senior at Florida State University who loves writing about local Tallahassee culture, anything fashion related, and tips to help all college girls live a happy & healthy lifestyle! She also has her own blog, www.affordablebyamanda.com where she talks about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and college related tips!
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