New Semester, New Music: Artists to Look out for This Fall

Happy fall, Collegiettes! Are you overwhelmed yet? Probably, and you’re not alone. So much comes along with a new semester – new classes, new people, a new student status (who else is freaking out that they can now say they’re a senior?!) and, of course, new music. Every new season brings new music and new artists to the scene, which is convenient for Collegiettes who need a bit of a motivational push to get back into the groove (no pun intended) after summer break. This fall seems to be a breakout period for experimental indie and pop artists both old and new who are generating incredible new tunes. Check out a few of them below!


Courtesy: Rolling Stone

This Canadian record producer, artist, musician, singer, songwriter and music video director started her music career in the underground scene. Experimenting in pop, synthpop, electronic and future pop, Grimes has a lot on her plate. From 2010-2012, she released three albums. The third, Visions, earned the most publicity and was hailed as “one of the most impressive albums of the year so far” by The New York Times. Come October, Grimes will release a new LP with wide-ranging tunes ranging from aggressive bangers to more experimental songs to really poppy beats. Grimes’ signature approach to vocals and instrumentals puts her on the list of artists to keep an eye on this fall. Check her out on Spotify.


Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Chances are, you’ve already heard music from Disclsoure. The English duo has partnered with artists such as Sam Smith, AlunaGeorge and Mary J. Blige. Their new album, Caracal, out September 25, will feature more A-listers such as Lorde and The Weeknd. Disclosure combines the catchiness of pop and EDM into a pleasant sound without forgetting the importance of cohesive lyrics. The attention increasingly being placed upon Disclosure is totally worth the hype. Check them out on Spotify.


Courtesy: Washington Post

With music that sounds like The Killers and the Talking Heads had a baby, it’s a surprise that indie rock band Ought isn’t a bigger name among Collegiettes. The band’s members hail from New Jersey, Australia, Oregon, and New Hampshire, and their combined perspectives create a pleasantly unique sound. Their highly anticipated second album, Sun Coming Down, will be released on September 18. Check them out on Spotify.


Courtesy: Sidewalk Hustle

2015 is a big year for alternative rock band Wavves. They released a collaboration album in August, they are releasing another album in October and they’re also on tour. The band’s upcoming release, V, is expected to mesh energetic instrumentals with melancholy lyrics. This differs from their previous music, which has had more of a depressing grunge/surf-rock vibe. However, the band wants to get away from that label. Bassist Stephen Pope told the Phoenix New Times, “I don’t think [the music] really had a lot of surf stuff in it for a while.” He’d rather the band be labeled alternative rock, pop-punk, or power-pop. Check them out on Spotify.

The Neighbourhood

Courtesy: The Agenda

The Neighbourhood has been around for a while, but they are not to be forgotten. Combining indie rock, electronic, and R&B, there is simply no comparable band to The Neighbourhood. Their atmospheric sound is obvious in party hits like “#icanteven,” which featured French Montana, as well as chill melancholy hits like “Sweater Weather.” We can’t wait to hear their upcoming album Wiped Out!, which is scheduled to be released on October 30. Check them out on Spotify