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New Allegations: Jeff Wittek and Vlog Squad Members Further Ruin Their Career

Trigger Warning: This article includes topics of sexual assault and rape; viewer discretion is advised. 

The king of YouTube, David Dobrik, has made headlines this week as old footage from a problematic vlog from a few years ago has surfaced. The footage came to life after the alleged women from the vlog spoke out to Frenemies podcast hosts, Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klien, giving details about the night and the sexual assault. David’s team was quick to respond to those rumors and tried shutting down the media before allegations were made publicly. That didn’t stop these women from speaking out about the truth of what happened behind the scenes of David’s Vlog. 

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An Insider article was published last week regarding the in-depth details and accusations surrounding David’s vlog that was taken down back in 2019. This vlog features “Dom”, a former Vlog Squad member, who is seen throughout this vlog trying to make advances on four girls who responded to his Instagram post about having sex. The four-minute and 20-second video is the video proof of the events and was posted in 2018 on David Dobrik’s YouTube channel. This video is still public but no longer posted on David’s YouTube channel. These young females are seen in the vlog coming into the apartment and hanging out with other vlog squad members at the time including Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek and Todd Eric, along with other vlog squad members who were only slightly shown. In the Insider article, Kat Tenbarge interviewed the sexual assault victims and asked them to share their experiences about the night. 

The night unfolds in the vlog starting with the victims (who remain unnamed for security purposes) arriving to the apartment where the vlog squad was already. Upon arrival, the females denied wanting to have sexual relations with Dom and allegedly repeatedly said they weren’t up for it.

It is alleged at this point David asked another member to go buy alcohol for the underage girls to loosen them up and possibly help Dom make sexual advances towards them. It is unclear who actually bought the alcohol but, in the vlog, it is clear the same people were there the entire night. At this point, David adds in his vlog, “After a couple minutes of talking, it was clear there was no fivesome happening.” David continues by adding “by some stroke of luck and master negotiating, Dom made progress.” It isn’t clear what David meant by “master negotiating” but from the victim’s story David and Vlog Squad members gave the girls alcohol which led to one of the females becoming violently drunk. The female victims told Insider that they felt pressured to go along with Dom and David. During the vlog, members of the vlog squad do a bit peeking in on Dom and the Female victims in the room. At the end of the vlog, Dom is seen sweating and saying, “Thank you David.” Dom thanks David for basically orchestrating that night.

Frenemies Podcast hosted by Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klien have brought light to the situation by bringing the Insider author on the show to talk about her experience writing the article and speaking with the victims. Kat Tenbarge, the Insider author, mentions on social media and on the H3 podcast that the amount of incriminating footage David consciously put in the vlog is immense and still public. After the article went live and gained an audience, former member Jeff Wittek decided to speak out on his defense. He mentions in a Youtube video titled “My Truth” that he is innocent and without a decent alibi claims he never bought the minors alcohol. Although all female victims and Trisha Paytas, who was there the night of the vlog, claim he was instructed by David to go buy the alcohol. 

It is still unclear whether Wittek is innocent or not, but photo proof shows Wittek with the entire Vlog Squad at 1 a.m. after the night was over. The image was taken by one of the victims and was provided to Ethan Klien on the Frenemies podcast where Wittek joined in hopes of keeping his image safe but was quickly provided with the picture taken of him and he was silent. Wittek has claimed he left the apartment sometime after the opening part of the vlog and then somehow returned after the night was over. 

Whether or not the allegations made were false or true, the overwhelming majority of footage from that night has been publicly depicted and viewed. This footage is not in favor of David Dobrik and other Vlog Squad members but seemingly proves the majority of their claims to be false. The future of this case is undetermined and whether or not legal actions have been made is unclear, but there may be hope that justice is served for these victims.

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