Is Netflix Getting Rid of 'The Office' due to NBC's New Streaming Service?

Don’t panic! When things are looking dark from all the rumors about our favorite show being taken off of Netflix, we can depend on the light to bring our show back.  For you lovers of The Office, it is not going anywhere. Many fans freaked out when the gasping news that NBC originals like The Office, might be leaving Netflix due to NBC creating its own streaming service in 2020.  Even though the company announced that it would be starting its own streaming service, the show will continue to be on Netflix–for now.

NBC’s streaming service will allow free cable that is supported by ads, yet is making an ad-free version similar to what we think of Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Of course, us television fans will do anything to keep the shows dearest to us close. We might have to get what we want by watching it on NBC streaming service, but who is going to complain of ways to get to our favorite shows?

No worries for now, though, because Netflix and Hulu will continue to stream The Office and 30 Rock, another NBC produced show. Instead, the streaming service will continue to add shows to their platforms depending on the price and specific show. It allows people to have the shows they love the most with little to no advertising to pay TV customers. It would be free for all NBC TV subscribers. What a way to pay those loyal TV payers, with a chance to watch all of their favorite original shows!

Who can blame everyone for panicking when they heard the news it might be taken off of the air. Michael Scott would agree that he is indeed speechless.  The show has allowed fans and people watching it for the first time to have good hardy laugh. Maybe we can gain some hope if Netflix paid $100 million to keep Friends, perhaps they would go to the same extent to keep The Office on too.

All die-hard fans know why they love The Office so much. What some people did not know is that when John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer were cast as the characters Jim and Pam, best friends and lovers on the show, they actually asked if the other got the part. Who knew your favorite characters on-screen were as great in real life? All of the actors improvise to make the show a laugh so powerful it gives you a six pack of abs.  For instance, on Season 4 Episode 4, Michael Scott watches The Devil Wears Prada, a timeless classic. During slow hours he would reenact phrases from the show. He would come out of his office and yell at Pam lines like, “Steak! Where is my Steak!” or “Get Armani on the phone now!” which is to die for­– knowing Scott’s funny and corky character. if you have seen the movie, then you know about Miranda’s demanding nature.  I told you not to worry though, for our favorite laughs are not going anywhere.

Courtesy: Thought Catalog