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Netflix and Chill? The 7 Best Netflix Comedy Specials

Netflix and Chill is a biweekly column reviewing popular (and unpopular Netflix shows) so you know if they’re worth putting in your watch list. I am also a strong supporter of binge watching…

Netflix may be known for it’s amazing original TV shows but they also have a long list of comedy specials that are just as great as their TV shows and movies. Here is a list of the specials that are worth the watch:

1. Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60

You may know Carvey as a former SNL cast member and as Garth from Wayne’s World. He is the comic our parents remember and love from when they were our age. His special doesn’t cater to an older audience though. His topics transcend age but he does have the tendency to poke a little fun at the millennial generation, especially his son. Carvey is someone to watch as a comedy buff or as a casual viewer.

Courtesy: The Comic’s Comic

2. Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

While he may be known as the host of The Daily Show, his work on stage is just as good as his work on screen. In his special Noah talks about many things, from the peculiarities of New York to the absolute whiteness of the entire continent of Europe. Noah’s outside-looking-in view of the world is not only interesting but welcome in the current political climate. And his reenactments of history are really funny too.

Courtesy: New On Netflix

3. Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

In this special, Birbiglia tells the audience a love story. More specifically, he tells the audience the love story between him and his wife. This is a comedy special with a heart. The ending leaves you with a message and a moral, which is uncommon in most specials, but welcome in this one. It may look quite serious but I promise there are laughs.

Courtesy: Netflix Life

4. John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

In his second comedy special, John Mulaney talks about his personal life and the time he met Bill Clinton as a child. Other topics include his sassy dog Petunia and the realtor that wanted him and his wife to have a baby more than anyone else. With witty humor and an attitude that says “you can pour hot soup of me and I’d probably apologize,” John Mulaney is one of the best comedians on Netflix.

Courtesy: Netflix

5. Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

Loved by many as Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation, Aziz Ansari is a master when it comes to stand up comedy. In this special, Aziz concludes that his generation is the comic sans of generations and gives a pretty good interpretation of a modern ghost. Aziz Ansari is one of the great comics of this generation and this is definitely one of his best specials. Despite having filmed a special at Madison Square Garden, Buried Alive is still one of Ansari’s bets stand up specials.

Courtesy: New On Netflix

6. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

As one of the writers of Fresh Off the Boat, you know that Ali Wong is funny. To be honest, she is outright hilarious. Some of the big things she talks about is how she “snatched” her husband and her Asian heritage. Uncensored and honest, Ali Wong should be on your radar. Even though she is seven months pregnant in the special, she is still able to bring it with the sass and physical comedy.


Courtesy: Netflix

7. Cristela Alonzo: Lower Classy

Life is tough for minorities in America. Cristela Alonzo knows exactly what that life is like and she is not afraid to talk about it. From growing up poor to being with emotionally intimate with a closed off mother, Alonzo commands the stage with compelling stories. Charming and sassy, she holds the audience in the palm of her hand as she bounces up and down and smiles her way through her past struggles.


Courtesy: New On Netflix

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