My Life as a Triplet

I am constantly asked what it's like to be a triplet. Being in a group of three has never been foreign to me. To best explain my experience, I feel that I have to answer some of the most common questions people ask when they find out about my unique situation.

Is it three girls?

This question always makes me laugh because normally my sister and I are asked this when we are together. Since they normally see us two, they immediately assume that there is another girl. To answer this briefly, my brother is tired of this question, but I still laugh every time.

Are you guys close?

Although we are very independent, we often rely on each other for support. Since we were little kids, my parents have told us that “blood is thicker than water,” and that your family will watch out for you when no one else will. There is a deeply engrained understanding of this between the three of us. That’s because we recognize each other’s tendencies and have all witnessed each other growing up at the same time. We have such a special bond because we have experienced all of our lives together, and I think that's one thing many people can't say.

Do you guys share everything?

This question brings up very vivid memories of when my sister and I would share clothes and constantly fight over who got to wear what on a certain day. And up until we were about two years old, we all shared the same room because it was easier for our parents to monitor us when we were all together. Despite these things, we tried our best to be unique and stand out. This led to us having different interests, different friends and almost completely different lives, so not everything was shared amongst the three of us.

Are you competitive?

VERY. People tend to see us all together, so a side by side comparison is bound to happen. We are so aware of this that we often do things to prove something instead of just doing things for fun. Sometimes it's healthy to be encouraged to achieve, but other times it takes a toll when you start to compare yourself to other people. It hits even closer to home when it's your family members that you’re comparing yourself to. Siblings tend to be competitive in nature but imagine being in a 24/7 race with two people who experience almost everything at the same time as you.

Courtesy: Unsplash

What's the best part?

I would say the best part of being a triplet is the fact that you experience life together and you always have someone to talk to. Granted, your friends might go through the same things and you can talk to them, but there is nothing like family when you need someone to confide in. Also, it's easier to trust family sometimes. In my family we take trust very seriously because it is often taken for granted outside of the family circle.

What's the worst part?

Honestly, the hardest part is establishing yourself as an individual. We are compared all the time and are often labeled because it is easier than actually getting to know us personally. Sometimes people forget that we are also unique people who have different abilities, interests and aspirations. I cannot stress enough how frustrating it is to be placed in specific categories because we seem like “the smart one” or “the funny one.” I know not everyone is going to validate our individuality, but it sometimes helps to remind people that separate people make up a group.

If you had the choice, would u change your life to be an only child?

Easy question. Never. I think being a triplet has made me comfortable with getting to know more people and made me a more compassionate person. I love my siblings because there are experiences we share that make me more open to trying new things. Also, I have gotten used to sharing not only material things, but also experiences with others. I think it says a lot about a person if they are willing to share themselves with others and not feel entitled to anything they are given.

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